Updated 12/22/2020

Roles determine your active role in the community, and unlike ranks are more related to your immediate powers/permissions in the clan. Roles are less symbolic than ranks in terms of your historic contribution to the clan.


Rank: Unranked

This is a temporary role that is assigned upon entry into our discord server. The ONLY channel a person with this role will see is our Welcome-Start-Here channel.


Rank: Unranked

An honorary members is a discord member who is unable or unwilling to become an official member, but provides significant value to the community. They receive regular discord access but may be restricted to certain channels.

Examples: high profile streamers, pro players, grandmaster coaches


Rank: Recruit

A trial member has 10 days of access to discord channels. After 10 days, if they have not posted an intro they will lose access.


Rank: Enlisted to Chief Officer 4

A member has posted an intro to the #introductions channel and has access to regular discord channels. The only member requirement for being in Legion is posting an intro and following the code of conduct. We also occasionally post roll calls on the website to gauge member activity, but these roll calls are not required.


Rank: Private to Chief Officer 4

This is a role that is given at anytime by an AC or HC member to any player that is only marked as a "Member" to indicate that this player is an active member of our community and deserves to be looked at for possible promotions. This role does not grant any additional "powers" in discord as it is considered a MEMBER Role but it is to separate the active, noticeable, players to the front and to be possibly considered to be Officers during promotion times.


Rank: Second LT to Major

An Officer is a Legion member who has shown significant activity. Officers are in charge of moderating members and also helping to keep the clan active through activities.


Rank: Captain to Major

The Advisory Council is a second layer of the High Council. These are select officers who have been chosen to advise the High Council, and participate in the High Council discord, High Council meetings, and most HC votes. The Advisory Council are the primary leaders of the Officers, and are in charge of making sure every Officer is a member of a department.


Rank: Colonel to Commander

The High Council is the head group of administrators in the community. They determine the direction of the community and handle any administrative requirements like ban decisions, promotions, and infrastructure development. All clan decisions that require authority are voted upon by the high council, and the high council makes decisions by majority vote. The HC will almost always turn to the Advisory Council (AC), using the AC vote to better inform administrative decisions. But AC vote is not required for the HC to vote on a decision.

*The High Council is made up of Founders, Legends, and HC members


Rank: Founder

Founders have no decision power outside of the HC vote/leadership mechanisms already built in. The only thing "Founders" designates is that these members own the website/discord and founded the clan. Founders may still participate in HC votes and meetings, but do not have activity requirements.

*Founders and Legends still often participate/vote in High Council meetings.


Rank: Colonel to Commander

A Legend is an HC/AC member who has participated in the HC/AC for 12+ months but is no longer active. These members have no activity requirements. These members participate in all HC/AC channels, may participate in meetings, but are not required for an HC-vote decision (though their feedback is always considered).

*Founders and Legends still often participate/vote in High Council meetings.