The Legion relaunches!

In honor of our roots as a community which started in Starcraft Brood War in 2001, we are relaunching the community with recruitment efforts in Starcraft 2. So far, we have around 100 members on a clan profile, and we will be pruning that member list based on which members are active on the website.

Our immediate plan is three fold:

  1. Launch recruitment efforts on Starcraft 2 with the goal of 100 website active members in the Sc2 squad.
  2. Launch recruitment efforts on Warcraft 3 Reforged for development of W3r squad.
  3. Launch recruitment efforts for veteran members from years past. Returning members who wish to be proactive in squad launch efforts are welcome.

This initial launch of our community will include the following features, many of which follow the traditional gaming clan model:

  • Rank structure (this helps to identify members who contribute the most to the community
  • Medals (helps to identify outstanding members)
  • Streams (members may feature their streams on the streams page)
  • Discord (discord server integrated into the site)
  • Games (arcade games available via the site) *coming soon

It is no secret that many people have been a part of this community over the years, and we plan to continue this legacy by involving members at all times in the direction and evolution of the community. If you have not already, post an introduction in the forum. During this launch phase of the community it is very important that we stir up activity on the forum, and focus efforts on recruitment. With hard work and dedication, we are sure to grow this community to new heights.