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    Only cause I'm really proud of my bois ,






    All of them are ready and willing to kick ass for me when I need them to, especially last ATL (3-O sweep). They are always ready to play no matter what. I'm hella honored to lead these bois to victory.

    Iron- He always got that top notch production when we cast things. (Always remembering WCS Gameheart and No Match History)

    Hey y’all. With Legion Cup getting close to the ro. 16, I wanted to know who wanted the chance to cast. It is a great experience to be able to cast some sc2 as much as play it. Additionally I plan on using these Legion Cup casts as samples when I volunteer us for community cast for upcoming tournaments, such as WCS, WESG and IEM Katowice. If you are interested let me know. If anyone is also interested in observing, let me know so we can teach you the different hotkeys and get you some practice. Let’s build up Legion’s Starcraft scene to not only produce good players, but also some good casters and observers. :)

    its very stylistic, like for me when I Play Terran, I prefer Bio and Playing Lategame (I think Lategame Bio is better than Lategame Mech) If your Zerg style is heavy on like roach Hydra Lurker Style, you prob like Mech More, if you have a ling bane or roach rav ling bane style into the GGLords, you’re prob more of a Bio player. It’s a very stylistic situation.

    Team Legion is hosting Legion Cup Winter. Join the discord to sign up and prove your Starcraft skill. This tournament is for those Master 3 and below, if you are higher you are welcomed to join to cast matches. Come join the discord and sign up to play.

    Hi Ya'll, was just wondering if ya'll wanted to sign our team up to play in ATL? ATL amateur is Diamond and below, a lot of the clans we face in VTL also play in ATL. This is just up for discussion for the HCs, but all us plebs can definitely pressure them to vote correctly ;).

    Ok y’all THIS SATURDAY we will be having our first ever LEGION CUP, currently the time is set for 7pm EST but if a majority wants it moved earlier a bit let me know. We’re gonna have it set Homestory Cup Style with Double Elimination and an Analysis Couch. Grand Prize will be a War Chest skin pack of your choice. Sign Up and Play for Legions First Legion Cup


    Mainly play SC2 and then the other blizzard games when I am slumped on ladder. I am a D1 protoss, D3 terran, and a Plat 1 Zerg. I'll be down for team games but don't get offended if i get annoyed and want to go back to 1v1s.

    SC2 User: KCal

    Battletag: KCal25#1963

    Discord User: Kcalinders#3208