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    Welcome Officially Dave to Legion, you will fit right in here. If you have any questions regarding Legion feel free to ask literally anyone that is not me for help.

    Wow, I really like this things comment (I refuse to assume its gender or species). It states what we're obviously all thinking...

    "Quite frankly, I believe, in my personal opinion, in the thought process that is my own, think that Apple should be promoted.

    Although he might come off as "inactive" or "bad" or "aryan" or "white" or "not Korean," I assure you that these are all falsehoods. He too is biologically good at Starcraft II and should be promoted for that reason... and that reason alone.

    If I were the one making decisions around here (which, I totally should be) I'd say we should promote Apple to the position of "Panderer and Thief." Obviously, this is a real position and totally not a knockoff of the "Commander and Chief."" - Thing that everyone recognizes and is definitely an influential figure within land of legion.

    -Totally not from Apple, because that wouldn't be allowed, one can't vote for himself and Apple only tries to win positions of power in ways that abide by the rules.

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    I don't play too often however I'm not quite dead weight in a game :)

    Decent at all races / main zerg