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    My experience with custom games so far is relatively sub par compared to my experience back when I was active in Garena servers wc3 custom games

    Some games like Nexus Wars that I do enjoy playing as of late is very similar to my beloved Castle Fight map except in almost all aspect Nexus Wars is objectively hot garbage compared to Castle Fight even with my hazey memories playing castle fight back in the day and I'm not even having nostalgia bias here

    Other games like Zone Control, Bunker Wars, and Ant Wars are also fun but the problem is they tend to flood the map with lots of units that usually leads to some players like myself unable to play properly cuz of the intense frame dropping

    As of writing this post I have not yet played most of the custom map but I do find the lack of rpg centric maps. The closest would be the zombie games like Night of the Dead (?) and Hero Line Wars.

    For now I'll keep on playing some more custom maps

    I find the custom games that ppl play in sc2 is very weak compared to wc3 even when I was playing via Garena

    Weak as in

    There's less variety of games, the games themselves are pretty weak, this leads to less playing trying out custom games, some custom games use too much units making the game unplayable with frame dropping and other problems

    So I do have a few questions regarding why this is the case for the state of sc2 custom games scene

    Is the map editor inferior compared to wc3?

    Is it because there's less unit model variety in the base game?

    Is it because sc2 is not like wc3 rpg centric game mechanic?

    Is it hard to place custom codes into a game you're making?

    Is there no other 3rd party websites like wc3's epicwar website that likes ppl post thier custom games other than the ingame arcade creation screen?

    I'll be joining the development department as I'll come up with some activities around the discord server for us to have fun outside of the general gaming scene.

    update: As you've guys pretty much noticed i am still inactive with my gaming activities and i will continue to be so, much to the circumstance happening to me in the last couple of days

    thou these days most of my gaming fixes are mostly thru my phones mobile games (Emulators) and Dota 2

    i do at least play some sc2 games here and there but there isn't much of the old Cabs sweaty try hard will peep with anyone Cabs

    still i am pretty much still active on Discord, Steam and keeping intouch with Reddit sc2 (allthingsprotoss) especially thru my phone

    I can't exactly pinpoint when i'm gonna be active into my PC gaming again tbh but i am pretty much still gonna be updated especially if u tag me in Discord and if u want to contact me thru my Steam which where i'll be most active for the most part

    thats gonna be make sure note me who are you and why you added me in Steam cuz i'm pretty strict against Steam scammers

    side note: update me when Dave Testa is gonna git gud be ready to 1v1 me head to head

    So turns out I'll be off for like a week or 2 or maybe even more depending on the circumstances. I'll still game occasionally but it's not gonna be much sc2 this time around 8)

    i make my name as PH.Cabs as possible depending on the game

    PH = Philippines so i'm basically at the opposite side of USA

    my game times are split like

    70% dota and the rest is either playing other games, sc2, anime or watching streams