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    Destiny 2

    Rainbow 6 Siege

    Dragonball FighterZ (lol I know, but its actually entertaining)

    StarWars BattleFront 2 (seems to be dying though)

    Quake Champions

    Lethal League

    Laser League

    LawBreakers (dead, and I am still sad about it)

    7 days to die

    Left 4 Dead


    I will stop there =)

    You do not need to add any of these. I was just naming my multiple player games.

    Awesome! Glad to have you here, GreeZee. I haven't been in SC2 in a while but I should join up with you guys! I may not be the most skilled at the game, but we would have fun!

    Welcome to TL!

    Thanks for inviting me back to this start up! Personally, I have been wanting to get back into a group like TL so this is awesome. Especially, with Esports blowing up the way they are and everything its a pretty exciting time for Gamers.

    Need any help just let me know!

    Welcome to TL, StickWithIt!! Glad to have you with us!

    Besides StarCraft you play much of anything else? Not even competitively, just for fun. I am in the middle of a bunch of Single player games and multi-player like Destiny 2.

    Welcome Magicka! Good to see you here!

    Lets get this group back to what it was and more!

    CS is a classic so if you wanna get a game going sometime soon let me know!

    Hello TL Community!

    My name is Smoke and I have been a PC gamer for over 20 years (give or take). It all started with the HALO PC version on the first HALO game. I started a small Clan/Team and we played in KlanWar Leagues.

    In the Past I have been a part of two major groups. One was my own called AoY (Assassin's of Youth) and then I was a part of TL (The Legion) back on their old page and forums. I used to manage and run the TL Radio and was a Moderator for some sections of the forums.

    I love Gaming as I am sure most of you do as well! I am tied into many games like CS:GO, CS:S, Left4Dead games, Fallout games including 76, Destiny 2, and 100+ more games in my library. I have a custom built gaming PC which I just upgraded the Graphics on recently with the new GTX 1660TI card that was released on February 22nd of 2019.

    I am a very tech savy person and I also game on Xbox Live but PC gaming is where my passion sits. I love the TL community in the past and am Excited to see the return of The Legion!

    I do work full time as a Customer Service Manager and have been in that field for 15+ years. So sometimes work absorbs most of my time on the weekdays, but I have been seeking to get back into the Gaming Community since the last time I was part of TL and my own group.

    Feel free to contact me if you would like to game together or start any projects for TL!

    Power to the People, Power to the Player, Power to The Legion!

    Game on gamers! =)