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    I will say, from my experience, most work at home jobs are full time customer service/call center jobs, especially at the entry level. Don't say that to discourage you but just to be real. For me I do have one of those nice office jobs that I am currently working from home with very little "customer" interaction, and I got it by busting my ass for 2 years in a hospital kitchen waiting for a spot to come open. Internal transfers at most hospitals will always have priority over external.

    Customer service has been my skill set ... Would like to get away from it, but if thats my curse then I must bare it.

    Only say "at home" due to this virus. Im fine with going to an office or manual labor at this point

    Hello everyone,

    I know this is CLAN DISCUSSION but there is no General section.

    After certain events, I believe I need to find another line of work asap. No, I am not fired but seriously want to quit. I won't go into all the details.

    I have been in customer service for over 20 years now. I have strong computer skills. Typing is fast like around 120 words per min. I would prefer to get out of the "full time" customer service and do something else. Something I could do from Home is ideal but I do not mind office work or manual labor.

    I understand that I am in Houston, TX and many of you are not. But any company suggestions to check out would be helpful. I would have to get clean for any drug tests and I have a couple misdemeanors on my record.

    Thank you.

    Although I am pretty inactive as I'm in Mexico for work for 3 weeks, Smoke is still reporting in for duty!!

    When I get active again, it will be like a force you have never witnessed before!!

    Legion for life!

    Hello Legion,

    Sorry, I should have posted this some time ago as I have been decreasing in activity more and more.

    Things are getting very crazy and overwhelming for me at work and even at home. I will not go into details but soon my time is going to be completely taken up where I will have no time for anything recreational. Or at least, not very often will I have the time.

    I will still be around and will check in on Discord as much as possible, but I can't fully dedicate my time to Legion until things calm back down at work. Home stuff is another situation that just adds to everything.

    I might still run my D&D campaign once and a while if I find the time to prepare. I am mostly prepared for one more session so I might do that next weekend with Super Bowl this weekend, but I will have to see and let everyone know. You may also see me work on the Bots when I can if I can.

    Once I have everything under control I will be back in full force and will help push our growth into other games.

    Legion for Life!