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    Hello Everyone!

    Here are the new promotions for Jan. 2021. Everyone on this list is deserving of the promotion they are receiving and any honorable mentions.

    Lets give a big congrats to all the following:

    HC Promotions:


    Billy Udders: AC/Captain -to- HC/Colonel

    GreenUltralisk: AC/Second Lieutenant -to- HC/Colonel

    MacDWest: AC/Major -to- HC/Colonel

    Current HC Member Promotions:

    DarkBlood: HC/Colonel -to- HC/Lieutenant General (Max Rank before Co-Commander)

    +Darkblood has been very active, extremely helpful to members, and is our favorite troll 😉

    Kalo: HC/Colonel -to- HC/General

    +One of our most friendly members who cares about the community and remains very active. He is supportive in many ways and helps with expressing his opinion on matters.

    ScubaSteve: HC/Colonel -to- HC/Brigadier General

    +Very active in chat and voice. Brings lots of needed humor but also expresses much needed seriousness to the table when a real issue arises.

    Locke: HC/General -to- HC/Lieutenant General

    +For the awesome work he has done for Legion and for his constant late night activity 😉

    Advisory Council Promotions


    Shadow: Officer/Second Lieutenant -to- AC/Captain

    Vulnox: Officer/Second Lieutenant -to- AC/Major

    Current AC member promotions:

    NovaWolf: AC/Captain -to- AC/Major (was recently promoted to AC, fixed rank on site)

    FatNice: AC/Captain -to- AC/Major (Fixing Rank on site to AC Level of Major)

    Officer Promotions


    Yeti: Member/Private -to- Officer/Second Lieutenant

    LifeSavor: Enlisted/Private 1st Class -to- Officer/ Second Lieutenant

    Dani/m0ntae: Enlisted/OG -to- Officer/OG

    Cabs: Officer/Major -to- AC/Major

    Member/Enlisted Promotions

    FOX: Member/Private -to- Enlisted/Chief Officer

    Uncensored_Thrack: Member/Private -to- Enlisted/Chief Officer

    FlapJack: Member/Private -to- Enlisted/Chief Officer 3

    Anders: Member/Private -to- Enlisted/Sergeant

    Koma: Member/Private -to- Enlisted/Chief Officer

    Honorable Mentions

    Iron: HC/Lieutenant General

    +Iron is very active with our community in discord and has been a huge help with the Matcherino setups we have been using. In addition, he is a huge help with admin during a tourney or casting the tourney/game.

    DaveTesta: HC/Co-Commander

    +Dave Testa is a HUGE part of our community. He gives and gives until you think he could not do anymore then he does. Without Testa, I do not know where we would be and we are more than lucky to have him as part of our family and part of the Leadership.

    Gsbet: HC/Co-Commander

    +Gsbet has been a big part of our family from the beginning. He tries to help boost activity when he is not busy himself with real life. He helps with running events and even our own clan meetings. Gsbet is a true gem 😊

    Silent_Ghostt: AC/Major

    +For his constant activity within our community and running his tournament for a long time now.

    Benja: Officer/First Lieutenant

    +Very active and involved with our community and with many activities.

    Holden: Officer/Captain

    +Does a lot around Legion whenever help is needed.

    YumRicexp: Enlisted/Second Lieutenant

    +Has been active and cares about Legion

    Timmy: Enlisted/First Lieutenant

    +Showing lots of involvement and increased Activity (Most of the time 😉)

    Well, Gsbet has the crazy idea to have a troll that violates you... Sexually lol but technically my character doesn't remember that at all lol

    I built a campaign that had 3 different campaign stories tied to it that the players could end up playing. The beginning was Home-Brewed to the point where the players hit one of the campaign starts

    I need to get back into making a campaign.