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    Just my 2¢ yummy rice...

    The form says you are just gauging for sense of participation, but digging up both discord ID and sc2 battletag is a lot to ask for just those purposes. Maybe just require one, or neither? For maximum participation, it would probably make sense to determine interest & availability first, then make the sign-up a separate process done later.

    Also, the date selection checkboxes are throwing way too many options for the visitor, it's best to narrow down a few timelines, this will also make it easiest to pick a day and time on your end, if you are going purely on vote.

    I've created an updated sample form with those changes, and changed some of the radio button options into dropdown, to make the form appear smaller / simpler.

    Sample Form

    I'm voting yes for interest. I'd watch an hour or two, might get hectic on the organization with all of the short matches though :S

    I like the idea of voting on the winner so there is less incentive to play in the comfort zone, but it might be interesting if winning was 20% - 40% of the winners composite score so winning is still a goal.

    Welcome, good to have ya!

    If you see me on ( Locke ) I'm usually down to practice some 1v1. We also do peep mode around here pretty regularly.

    Hey Kenny,

    Figured I'd drop a few details and get used to the site a little. It's dope that the discord crew seems to be pretty active here, I'll try to check for updates and join in every now and then. Oh, and hopefully I'll get off on my ass and participate in some clan events. Planning on coming Saturday - yeah boi!

    PS Glad your involved with Starcraft/LgN brudda, I had given up on SC2 clans until rebirth.<3

    I didn't realize I hadn't posted an into.

    Starcraft2 User: Locke#1629 - SC2 Profile

    Steam username: Locke

    Discord username: Locke#2856

    Who recruited you?: Bullseye


    Stacraft 2


    Heroes of the Storm

    Counterstrike 1.6 / Source / GO

    Some non-competitive games I'm into:

    Mass effect series

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance


    I've been playing SC2 since it was released. I did play Brood War back in the day but only really campaign or user mods.

    I joined LgN in 2012 before it became FXO. Was very glad to be a part of the clan in those days, and I'm glad to be part of the rebirth :*

    I live in Santa Cruz, CA, work as a web developer.

    This all that's needed?

    twitch username: sc2locke

    Average viewership: 1

    I don't stream often, but every now and then I'll throw one up for funs... Looking forward to customizing an LGN overlay.