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    Wow...thank you for all that replied to this post. That was way unexpected but a great surprise, I must say. No doubt, this is arguably one of the best if not, THE BEST CLAN out there I've ever been a part of and it is rapidly expanding. There is always something to do and everyone is always welcoming and wanting to game. Hopefully, my work schedule will improve (Keep fingers crossed for that!) and will be able to play a lot more Starcraft 2. Very soon, indeed I'll be able to get into more games like peep mode and stuff like that, like the day after tomorrow as in Monday. Again, thanks for the reinstatement and stay cool cats!!! ;):P^^

    Yours Truly,


    Hello all,

    Sidrahlin here and would like to get back into the Starcraft 2 clan. Sorry, I was having to work a lot...and couldn't commit to it. At the time I was in the clan, I enjoyed playing and talking with friends. If I can't get back in, no worries and I understand. I do respect any decision made from this point forward. I could talk forever about how much I'll enjoy playing if I get anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this. And you guys know me so I didn't think an official intro was all that necessary. Happy holidays!!! :)

    Hey there, welcome to the clan!!! And just throwing this out there...if you play Starcraft 2 and if you're down to go at it in some 2's or anything let me know. I'd love to play some games with you. I hope you find this Legion as a home for you or as an escape from the drama of reality. My Battletag: EvilGenius #11969.

    Hey everyone,

    SiDrahLin here…just wanted to say, I love this awesome clan! If you may not already know I play a lot of team games as in 4’s. I started out playing 4’s when I first played StarCraft 2. There are so many variables and wild stuff that happens in 4v4 as you know…Anyway, as a Zerg player now they seem to get pretty rough in team games because how fast they are. My most recent 4’s I carried the team when I usually don’t. I was almost playing out of my mind and it lasted like 30 minutes! So fun though. If only I could translate those 4’s over to 1v1’s…but of course, this new leaf starts tomorrow and I will jump into some 1v1’s. I am looking to improve more and more and I know even if I just play the dreaded 1v1’s :), I’ll really get good at 4’s because that will just carry over. I have a pretty good macro as Zerg and just need to polish up on my micro.

    Thanks everyone for listening. Have a great week!!!  :);)

    Hey everyone!!! It's Sidrahlin

    I'm a upstart Zerg player (Silver to Gold) in Starcraft 2 and I'm super excited about this new lit clan!!! A friend of mine referred me to you guys. I will have a blast here playing SC2 and kicking some tail both Protoss and Terran on the 1v1 and team ladder. :) Until next time, laterzzz