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    Prime & Kcal - A lot of work put in to organize this Legion Cup, bracket organizing , discord permissions/ groups configuring , rule documenting etc etc...

    IVMozoku, helping out with Legion Cup

    SilentNight , Recruiting and practicing with people

    Testa - The usual, nothing further needs to be said of his dedication.

    Greg - Coming back into the mix, and taking up task that we've been shorthanded on.

    Locke - Website Revamp

    Edit - Forgot my monthly nomination for SmartAsianGuy for hyping our events

    Edit - DarkBlood helping with bots on LegionCup, playing his ass off in Wutang and being the most improved from that tourney.

    Special Thanks to non-Legion people from PTHeroes, Alpha X and Ris3n that's been giving us advice on organizing our leagues.

    Hi Folks,

    You've asked for the next Legion Cup, you've got it! This time we've set an ambitious goal of fundraising 100$ to the tournament, but we need YOUR help to get there.

    How can you help? By creating a Twitter account and logging into our Matcherino page with your Twitter and retweeting a few adverts from the Sponsor Quest on the right hand side. I too do not use twitter, I only have 3 followers, I literally only used it to get our tournaments prize pools to go up.

    Please visit the link below , and retweet the 24 Fitness Tweets and GameStop Tweets, and follow the Youtuber's channel on the right hand side, you will be able to add about $1.50 to the tournament, be sure to use the promo code kcal25 to add another 50 cents

    Tournament Info!!

    Prize Pool 100$ , all ranks welcome! March 31st

    Legion Cup Discord Server

    Matcherino Page

    Challonge Bracket

    Eon - Helpful, not snobby, no attitude, always very supportive and ready to help member improve their skills

    Prime - Participating in ATL, helping other members train

    ScubaSteve - Training other members

    Ligermann - Hyping people up to train harder

    Tinc - making Starcraft Teams great again

    KCal- Organizing LegionCup and helping people understand the GSL Tournament format and getting people to cast

    SmartAsianGuy - Haven't pissed off anyone in 30 days

    - Matcherino onboarded to Verified Partner and Organizer status

    - Asking for donations to tournaments

    - Setup Sponsor Quest and showed people how to click a few buttons to add around $1.40 to the tournament per person

    - Organizing Wu-Tang Cup

    - Reaching out to new trial members, repeating and reminding new members to be courteous and point to C.O.D


    Sounds good! I like the idea that we're a non-profit as well.

    I feel like it would attract people that are more down for the cause.

    "I work for a non-profit that throws video game tournaments for a cause" That sounds warm and fuzzy doesn't it?

    We can get government grants. I can see myself going from asking for 10-20$ donations to a much a larger amount from institutions especially for a charity cause.

    500$ for a HC seat would be a hard no for me...I can afford it but I don't like the way it makes me feel.

    HC Seat should just be whoever works hard for it, and those with the community's best interest at heart while being the most capable in implementing our mission.

    Big Donations should be appreciated though. Big donations should be like buying skins, we should maybe name a tournament after them or something of that nature.

    I would be lying if the thought of making handsome money off this venture doesn't pique my interest.

    I'm just fearful of the politics that money brings.

    Wu-Tang Cup - 24 Players - Gold3 to Plat3 Tournament - 20$ Prize Pool

    It will be 16 Gold Players to play single elimination and those winners will move on to play 8 Plat3 players.

    I encourage our Diamonds to adopt one of these Gold Players to coach them against the Plat players. Using everything from spying on the Plat's peep mode game or using fake accounts to find out how they play like and everything in between...for any advantage you can gain for the gold padawan.

    Participating Gold players I encourage you to find a Diamond player to coach you. Let me know if you have trouble finding and I can find one for you.

    Some suggestion for Gold > Diamond partner ups and Diamond players who might be up for a bit of coaching

    SkullRekston > Ligerman

    Shinobkia > DaveTesta







    **Tournament Info**

    2520 to 2920 MMR

    Registration Page

    Discord Server