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    Ahoy fellow nerds! I'm flapjack. I am a Starcraft 2 player, streamer, and caster.

    I'm also a musician, an indie game developer (kinda), a stagehand/audio engineer, and am generally nice to people.

    Who recruited you?:

    I casted some sc2 alongside Smoke and the legend Dave Testa

    Ingame name(s):

    flapjack // morty

    Steam username:


    i have a game on steam, its here and its free (…_and_the_Degenerates_RPG/)

    Discord username:


    Game(s) you play and experience in them:

    Starcraft 2 is my main focus. 14000 games played, diamond 2 Protoss.

    Previous gaming groups you have been in:

    i was in berserker for a second but life had me too busy to commit at the time.

    Anything else you want to share:

    flip them flapjacks