Posts by emzyrose

    Who recruited you?: N/A?? Dave??

    Came here from a twitch stream after a florencio raid

    Ingame name(s): Emzyrose, Squinookle

    Steam username:

    Discord username: Rose#3290

    Game(s) you play and experience in them:

    Starcraft 2 - Mostly co-op but been delving in league play, currently in silver league

    Dragonball Xenoverse 2 - Over 1100 hours, enjoy pvp mostly

    Factorio - Casual play

    Final Fantasy - I have all games and sometimes play 11 and 14 MMO's

    And lots more...

    Previous gaming groups you have been in:

    I started my own clan in SC2 for co-op, since I enjoy it most

    Various others, been playing lots of stuff online for a long time. My very first clan was back in 1998 where i joined a group of players in Total Annihilation.

    Anything else you want to share:

    I don't know.. looking to improve my sc2 game and get better.