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    I really haven’t been much active because of work and school. Because school is now done I should be able to devote my time to the clan more. Also here are my promotion nominations

    Acheron (I spelled it wrong I think) he’s been working hard

    slip cause he’s active

    Dave is always a good homie

    smoke for working hard

    Locke because he devotes his time and effort to clan

    billy because he’s a chill dude who also helps

    Fatnice cause he’s not fat but nice and he’s also cool but being a Zerg player is a oof

    These are the people I have in mind for now

    Darkblood for being a nooB so DEMOTE (jk he da best)

    Testa for being a nooB

    Smoke because he deserves it and he loves us

    Fat nice, He isnt fat or nice.... jk

    Kalo is a helpful dood who deserves it

    Holden is big brain SPecial dood. He deserves the love and he helps people out. Hes the best

    Yummy Rice because hes back

    My people for promotions

    Smoke- because he’s a huge help to the clan and basically a father figure. He is the big daddy here 😉

    Testa- He made me write this I’m stuck in his basement help me. Lol he’s a huge help to legion and he’s like the representative for legion and like the mom of the clan (smoke his big daddy you can have big uncle or big momma)

    darkblood- demote cause he’s a NOOB but he’s very helpful and nice

    Hope- I would say promote but he didn’t change his name with me. I’m Taru and he’s Oos

    fatnice- I don’t get to see him often but he’s active. Nice dude, doesn’t let his emotions get to him and other people and I respect that

    greg (gsbet)- demote cause he broke my heart 💔

    Holden- he checks his mineral lines everyday and he’s active and helps with atl, very nice

    lemoneli- he’s starting to help out the clan. Doing VTL captain so deserves the promotion (though he doesn’t come on discord

    that’s it for now. I’ll add more people once I remember them or I’m not lazy oof

    I left legion due to some issues with the people in there and some other matters. I am back for now and I know I won’t be looked at as an officer but it doesn’t matter to me anymore