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    I guess money isn't so private for me, haha. I don't make much a year... I'm lucky if I get $20,000 a year. I'm kind of in a weird job situation where everyone is talking about me becoming a team leader, but there's another guy that just does it better than me. By better than me I mean he bosses everyone around better. My current actual leaders are too lazy to notice me unless I talk to them about my interests, goals, and success, but just take more notice to him because he has a much more audible form of getting shit done.

    I guess having the respect of the team, always staying late to help, always picking up after everyone, generating team moral, motivating the team, and everything else just doesn't pay off as well as "HEY UH YEAH CAN YOU GO DO THAT THING FOR ME WHILE I SIT AROUND AND TWIDDLE MY THUMBS?"

    It's weird though because a guy that just started working here last year is already up to Sr. Team Leader status and he's the complete opposite of this guy. Totally laid back, super friendly, literally no one can hate him.. I want to be that guy. I look up to this guy. He's inspirational as hell to me... but I can't look at the guy I work with the same way because it's totally unassumed authority and all he does is just boss around. I'm the only one that doesn't just follow him so there's some issues there.

    oh well. It's not a unique situation and it probably just means I need a desperate change of jobs.

    Just bought a Schecter C-7. Seven string, it's fucking bomb.

    I use to have about seven guitars but I downsized to now currently four. I ran with just three for about a year.

    I have a; Squire Stratocaster, Schecter Research C-6, an older Yamaha Acoustic, and now a Schecter C-7.

    My main and biggest influence is definitely Breaking Benjamin. Other influences are Korn, Fuel(older 90's band), Wage War, and a few other ones I can't think of off the top of my head... those are the other main influences.

    My style is a bit more of an atmospheric metal. Progressive metal, that's heavy-hitting, but melodical and lyrical. I'm looking to form a group soon to bounce ideas off of and make music!

    I would really love to start offering some mobile lube services. Oil change, tranny flush, tire rotation, etc.. that'd be popular here. Any other mobile service I could do as far as mechanical is vehicle tune ups, exhaust work, simple stuff like tie-rod replacement, ball joints, etc. I want to start doing Tints as well. This summer if I can't get many cars I might make up for it by pressure washing side walks, fences, drive ways, etc. Pull weeds for somebody for $20. I would more than likely hire somebody to do the mobile mechanical service for like $20/hr or do a contract basis, for every car they do they get $30 or something.

    If I get too many cars where I'm doing like three cars a day, six to seven days a week, I have a guy who would love to help me and do $30 a car, or about $13/hr. $13/hr isn't too bad for doing prep work for me. If we get the car done in an hour, two hours, three hours... it could be up to $30/hr for them. I'll for sure PM you if I ever need to register, I have a feeling I really should. Most of my transactions are cash so not very easy to track, but I want to start doing more debit transactions to keep payments flexible in-case I ever need to ask for more payment on an extra dirty car.

    Relationships I've found are a little complex. I imagine if I ever become single in the next six months I won't be doing much in terms of relationships... but that's tough. I do want to change my degree to a STEM degree possibly and just attend college instead of doing it all online. Doing full time college, full time job or business, or business and small part-time job. Life will sort itself out.

    I bought this Corsair keyboard and mouse bundle for like $30 off Amazon a few years ago... works for me, but I miss my Blackwidow keyboard and the familiar clacking.

    I have a huge interest in the automotive industry and sales industry. I tried a retail mobile sales position and they wanted me to commute an hour and a half away for two weeks straight for training and I was like "Eh..."

    I have a heavy background in customer service, as well. I was a closing team leader at a Subway so I have some actual titled leadership experience. Other-wise, I don't have much of a professional career. I would like to try other cell phone stores in the area, I've noticed a few postings.. but I also want to go full time detailing this year, something which will garner me much more money. So, I'm just thinking I for sure want to leave Target this year, and if detailing can't possibly work out I'll just go work at some manufacturing place for a bit until I get a hit on another cool sales job or at another place.





    Just some cars I've done. Not all of them, I've done quite a bit more but felt like sharing some clean car pictures.

    in 2017, I was lucky to find a job with a company called who basically do incorporation filings to form new businesses for customers like an LLC or Corporation or even a non-profit. We file in all 50 states. I was brought in as a Customer services Rep., but with my total of 15 years of customer service experience I have become a very valuable member of the team. Last year in 2018 I was sent to Bogota, Colombia by my job and opened another Customer service center there training about 8 more agents. They are still running today.

    I actually looked into Incfile to register my business. In MN, I need an agent I guess to sign off on my paperwork and Incfile does that for me, but only for one year free then I gotta pay for the agent thing.

    I type a lot too, I'm very detailed and descriptive and I can't fault anyone for that. After all, we're here to commune! I just don't want children because they're extra commitment, financially draining, and just take up any free-time I ever get whatsoever. I've been generally turned off of my girlfriend as of late. She's my first one ever. I guess my only reasoning to break up with her would be to just do me for a while. I've been dieting, losing weight, and I just want to free up my time. She doesn't like to do anything separate from me, so when we get off work she doesn't like when I go on my computer, play guitar, or anything. She just wants to lay down with me and watch netflix all night... I don't like laying down for extended periods unless I'm sleeping lmao.

    On top of that, our first two years together she was extremely mentally and emotionally abusive to me. She was jealous over everything, looked through my phone constantly, pissed me off, deleted my entire facebook friends list behind my back, all the while talking to all the guys she wanted to. Her excuse? She didn't know if me and her would work out.

    We shouldn't have worked out, but she is my first girlfriend and I couldn't tell the difference. Now, I'm grid-locked with coming to terms to actually dumping her because last time I tried she cried a lot and I basically said "Never mind... I don't want to." but I do. I just can't come to terms with it. She said if I didn't want to have kids we couldn't be together, but then the following night she said she'd be willing to wait and even if I never wanted kids she would still stay with me. Last night she went back to "Why won't you have kids with me?" and one of these days I need to man the fuck up and just tell her I need a break or something.

    I can't see myself having kids with her, marrying her, living in a house with her, so one of these days it's gonna just blow up I'm sure.

    I guess I also just kind of want to explore my options out there. I'm reborn, much more mature, I see the world much differently. I'm an entrepreneur now, I don't like working for people, but I do what I need to get money, even if it includes working at a Super Target with five people above me.

    Anyways, enough relationship drama.

    When I joined the Legion originally I was an undergrad in college living in Atlanta. Since then, I have finished two more degrees and moved to Boston. Currently live in Back Bay and work in the Financial district. I get to walk/bike to work on nice days. At my day job I manage a data analytics team that focuses on using machine learning to solve business problems. I also participate in many open source data science communities during my spare time.

    As for my social life, I currently live with my girlfriend of 1.5 years, she recently finished her degree, moved in and started her career. We are planning on purchasing a place soon enough, renting in the city is expensive and I want more space. We both are foodies and go out for dinner a few times a week, went to the Tasting Counter in somerville last Friday, check it out if your into multi-course french meals.

    I love traveling, luckily my company has an unlimited vacation policy which I use to the fullest. Since graduating I started to travel all around the country and the world to go to music festivals, try different foods and experience different cultures. Just recently booked a trip China for the fall, had to do it early to ensure my 10 year visa processed correctly.

    I wish to travel some day too, it just doesn't fit in my schedule or budget unfortunately. I can't stomach blowing anything I've saved up on a $1200 trip, nonetheless a $500 trip with hotel included before transportation costs, food, etc. That's great, though! My benefits at Target are severely lack luster LMAO to say the least. An entire year + what we've done so far this year has only garnered me 21.7 hours of just PTO... yeah.

    The only beer I find I can at least drink is Budlight or Budweiser. I've tried Red Ale before and that was barf. I don't really like plain bread already, I've always found beer was just straight liquid bread.

    Budlight is easy for me to drink in a casual setting. I'd like to try other light beers, though. I haven't had much experience with beers and ales but that's just what I've tried so far.

    Life outside of gaming

    There was a time when we all would be able to play games quite a bit. Most of us were younger, and now with the launch of this forums we're all older with jobs, responsibilities, new hobbies, girlfriends, children, anything.

    What does your day-to-day life look like now?

    My day-to-day is working forty hour weeks at a Super Target, my days off I spend listening to podcasts, playing guitar, playing one or two games of League. I have had a girlfriend for nearly five years now, things are a little rocky because she wants children and marriage, and I don't. At the very least I just don't want children!

    In the non-winter seasons I have a small automotive detailing business which I plan to turn into my full time job.

    I do a lot of investment work in the stock market. Watch a lot of Dave Ramsey.

    I live a minimalist life, I don't really spend money on things I don't need. I just bought a $300 guitar, first time I've ever bought anything for myself in a year. My budget allows Gym membership, car payments, insurance, gas, and food. I make roughly $1600 a month, it's not a lot, but I have nearly $6500 in my name due to savings, investments, spare cash, and my bank account. With my automotive detailing business I have the potential to make $4000 a month if I can get forty cars a month at $100 each.. but I usually charge around $120-$160 and most people have SUVs, Vans, and Cross-Overs so general prices run between $140 per car.

    I'm not a picky eater, I run with the flow every day of my life, I expect the worst outcome every time and work to make it not happen. I don't wish, I want. I don't wish to drive a nice cadillac one day, I want to drive a nice Cadillac some day, what can I do to get to that point?

    Just a little about me and what I've been doing since my teenage gaming years. I turn twenty in 25 days.

    What do you do?

    I try to stay away from Dairy and Sugar if I can help it. The only Dairy I might eat is sour cream and cheese!

    When it comes to alcohol I really like whiskey and spirits. No carbs, nothing nutritional, but no carbs.. also tastes really good, and gets me drunk. On the daily I drink mostly just water and coffee on my days off. I might grab just a cup of diet soda at work, a small cup.

    I honestly don't even remember. All I remember was a shitty Pentium 4 computer, a box monitor, and cheaply upgraded graphics cards.

    Today, I built my own computer and currently run a decently sized curved Samsung Monitor, 1060 TI, 8GB ram, some cheap $100 MSI board, AMD 8350 FX CPU, six fans. Not too bad of a budget gaming build. Runs most games on High or Ultra decently.

    I go by TTGOz nowadays on the internet but back when Legion was an active team in the scene for SC2 I went by TheGreatOne or TTGOz. I was maybe only fifteen years old when Legion disbanded officially. I was around when FXOpen created an NA team by absorbing up the team and co.

    I grew as an SC2 player with Legion years ago, I hit top 100 Masters rank for my first time with them. There's a lot of really good memories stored in this name for me so that is why I have decided to come back and participate in the community whenever possible! After all, I use to help moderate/manage the Bronze-Gold community section. ;)

    Today, I am an entreprenuer. I haven't done college, possibly planning on it. I work in retail at a Super Target. I've been there for nearly four years. On the side, I do a lot of side hustles and I have a full-time business I hope to grow this year so I can quit my retail job and do that full time.. it's a mobile car detailing business. If I do forty cars a month I make myself nearly $4700 a month before tax, I barely make $1200 as it is AFTER tax and 401k.

    I manage three investment accounts, I play guitar, I want to get into a band, I play video games when I can, mainly League of Legends now. I've been stuck on an ARAM grind for almost a year because I have no friends to play with :(.

    I'm about to kick-start a nice side hustle which I can see growing to be a successful one for me in voice over and voice acting. It involves setting up a Youtube Channel similar to short movie dedicated channels but for my voice over work. I plan to write and voice act exciting scenarios, I plan to create fake commercials to setup a nice portfolio so people can look at that and make a decision, and of course upload all of my legitimate work I've done for people to add to my portfolio. It's not too ambitious, but it sounds really fun to me.

    I've been wanting to get into an entertainment industry of sorts and that is probably my way in. Acting is something I wish to take up.

    I hope for a wealth of good growth for the re-birth of this place. I hope to see old friends come back, and to make new friends. I'm apart of a few online communities that stem from my work where I can't reveal my identity or literally risk getting fired should any managers find out, I guess it's "looked down upon"... but I'm going to enjoy being able to truly be myself here.

    Thanks for reading,
    Braden / TTGOz