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    It's yet again time for another round of promotions, I know we've had alot of these lately so surely I can't say that much new here ;)

    Gsbet - Ma guy the speedrunner :!:

    Gsbet is usually one of the best when it comes to generaly managing decisions within the discord. It's also a lot of fun playing with Gsbet, altough he tends to rage alot... maybe it's because of his girlfriend :/ nah I'm JK, he knows I love him <3 JK about the managing stuff and all the compliments, the thing about his girlfriend is true JK xD

    DaveTesta - Ma main Düd Master Testa, and the clan's own full time streamer :thumbdown:

    Dave is the meme of the clan as usual, although there has been a general lack of pressence ever since his inferior amove decision to go full time streaming. Dave is the funniest guy in the clan, and always a great friend. Although, some of his twitch friends haven't figured out how to turn their brain on yet (Sammo). And no I'm not JK this time =O

    Smoke - That other guy that streams IDK don't ask me 'bout it ?(

    Smoke does a lot of work within the discord channel and is always willing to help if you're looking some. He has a tendency to not read chat which is really annoying :cursing: but other than that he does an amazing job as a twitch streamer or smtng, IDK, needed to write something I guess... JK xD or am I 8|

    DarkBlood - The Rocket League Pro Player.

    Trust me when I say DarkBlood is insane at Rocket League, I know that all of you are not gonna believe me, and you shouldn't cause he sucks major ass, wait wut. Nah DarkBlood is decent ;) But in all fairness DarkBlood does also do a lot of work around the clock for the discord, and absolutely loves enforcing rules he does not following himself :)

    Billy Udders - The only guy that ever caught them all (Pokemon):/

    There isn't really a lot to say about Billy, but by his confident amoves I can clearly tell that he is a true Pokemon Starcraft Master. Billy is generally always in a good mood and once tried to get me a job at Wikipedia 2.0...:/ hmmm, now that I think about it I can't recall the name of the site, anyways I'm sure that project is gonna be Golden(.com).

    Colin - It's treason then.

    Ma düd left, ain't nothing more to say there Q_Q

    Mr. Green - The superior amover

    This guy is above and beyond. Nobody on this planet has got the raw skill and brainpower as this mofo right here. He is the best at everything, including Starcraft, but he won't make an apperance in that game cause remember kids, he's retired, or retarded kinda forgot :/. Anyways if this düd of a get doesn't get a promotion, then nobody gets a promotion or something like that 8)


    The Greatest Amover to ever walk the planet Earth!

    Colin - He is the Senate :O

    SilentCheeseGhostt - He's girlfriend is a furry, and he's a nice guy ;)

    BattleVirgin - Always in voice, super nice to chat with. And yes I know what they say, and I can confirm, he is a virgin :O

    Dave - WooooooOOOooooof

    Iron - Plays SWTOR with me :D

    Gsbet - Gets angry when playing SWTOR with me :D

    That's it!


    My name is Michel, and I come from Denmark. DaveTesta invited me to the clan and we've spoken together for a while.

    My ingame name is HydraZ or GUltralisk#2538 on NA. EU is GUltralisk with the same battletag.

    My discord username is GreenUltralisk, Mr. Green or Michel Ney.

    I've got 13 years of experience in Starcraft 1 and 2, but have only been "picking up speed" in rankings since 2016. I play EU4 and Formula One on a "higher level" aswell. I've played 1000 hours of SWTOR and 1500 of Runescape, but it has been many years since I played those competitively.

    I'm currently the manager and owner of the Coaching Community, and I have a lot of experience in managing clans and groups. I've been apart of Galactic Gaming (GG) and a mod for Risen from the ashes.

    Since I live in EU my timezone is always going to be a bit off, but other than that there shouldn't be anything of major concern.