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    Guys thanks for everything, its been a great tiem playing with all of you but duties IRL require my full attention (college is a *****) i wasn´t able to play for a while and im feeling like im not reliable enough so im leaving have a good one!

    Thanks Again

    Kill toss before critical mass, if u can scout it and toss has like 4 carriers bio can kill them easily and u can max out faster than him, your biggest problem at that point is High Templar which u can solve with a good EMP, so basically neutralize splash damage and attack before air maxes out, consider that protoss need about 8 carriers and the mother ship to be hard to kill without a good amount of micro and spell casters.

    If u are playing battle mech into late game mech and couldnt kill him before he gets air then its pretty much over, cause protoss cannot really go air against battle mech considering that air is really expensive compared to battle mech

    Zerg is the best late game at the moment imo

    Considering mech the only thing that goes against zerg is battlemech which is helion and cyclone, and well zerg late game is the best at the moment with vipers broodlords infestors and corruptors, starve the zerg i think is the most reliable way of countering the style is what innovation did to serral in IEM Katowice 2019 with bio play and nukes, in the mech match up i think its about the control and the good micro potential of the cyclone and winning engagement after engagement

    Consider im not a terran player myself, its just what I see generally in competitive play

    In my opinion, generally depends on the race, there are some mayor tips u can follow from guides in youtube Winter gaming and lowko TV are great channels for learning considering casual play, cause the pros are something else.

    My advice is playing the game the most macro oriented build, practice it till u get it right (u can find the build in help tool by overwolf, spawning tool) then u will start understanding the match ups what ur oponent can and cannot do at certain timings with the info u get with the scouts (worker count, number of bases, amount of gas, tech, amount of army)

    Also try to disable the whole army hotkey considering the rising of nydus worm play.

    If u wanna practice i can help u with that

    Hi everyone!

    In game names: Archsekai or Articeye

    Steam username: Archsekai

    Discord username: Archsekai

    Game exp: Starcraft 2 i just play ladder, League of legends casual play, Wow, Overwatch mostly casual, because of work

    Previous gaming group: none

    English or spanish

    I play starcraft most of the time