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    I think the idea, but we should definitely clean this up a bit. Like we should definitely abide by the CoC, but CoC should be as invisible as possible. Not to be confused with the idea that they shouldn't show up, but that CoC shouldn't get involved with most affairs. They should take into consideration the majority's view of financial distribution and not get involved in individual affairs.

    I'm all for the transparent view of revenue. This allows players to see that their voice is being heard. And if their decision isn't the one that is taking current priority they should be able to ask why or try to get more support for their idea.

    The Legion Coaching should be an entity of it's own. Like if someone wants coaching, but doesn't know who to pick or whatever, they should use the Legion page (or a Discord channel) to get the coach. The proceedings should be split between coach and Legion, but if I pick someone who happens to be in the clan to personally coach me outside of Legion designated time or availability then I feel that all of what I would pay that person should go directly to that person. "Does not tolerate" seems to be quite excessive.

    I agree with most of this and would support this idea. We should be inclusive and I definitely abhor elitism. Although I want to be the best and strive for it does not mean I'd ever hold it over someone's head or use it to exploit or brag on myself in any manner.

    I get that this was just thought up and still needs some work, but I definitely agree with this since the clan is getting rather large.

    Shuper interested in this! We should definitely promote this! I feel like we've got a few people who are lower ranks (medal and lower, maybe include D3) and coached by higher lvls D2 and up. Who the coaches and who is the "noob" can be changed but the idea remains the same. Let's SET THIS UUUPPP!!

    I feel like we should definitely have a game mode where we have 2 lower league players play each other with a coach on each side. The coaches will tell the lower level dude what to make and how to do it. I feel like that game would be interesting.

    Last night we had quite a few people talking about hosting/announcing during a game and it's a great idea, but to generate more content there's plenty of suggestions that people can do to push out more content, get more people in, and after a while, even generate revenue.

    So hosting and announcing over a game can be fun, but you don't need to do it on a live game. You can save replays and host over them. This allows you to pick good games, terribly bad games, funny cheese and whatnot AND allows you to pick a time and day to schedule these regardless of other players. They can have a match and submit a replay, review before hand, give it a title and put announcers on it.

    Another thing you can do it live stream (or just video conference) with players and have interviews. Ask questions (from the hosts at first, until we have a plethora of viewers and requested questions), podcasts and what-not. This just gets everyone familiar with one another, gets face-time with all the members. Generates a unity among people.

    There are many more suggestions, but the key point to all of this is to take action. You don't have to have a great plan in place at first. For content creation, it's all about creating content. Just put stuff out there. It's going to suck at first, but just keep doing it and you'll naturally get better at it. Just like any game out there. You just have to do it. Create content regardless of how bad it is. You'll look at it years from now and cringe, but that's okay because you'll be better at it than before.

    This was all a response to a conversation last night and I just wanted to put out what little experience I had from doing this. I hope I can join in on the content creation at some point. Thanks for your time!

    Seven Deadly Sins - kind of a cool story about some OP people. Silly and some cool action
    Hunter X Hunter - More serious, but the fights are INSANE. Good comedy breaks. Last Arc is kind of rough to get through, but the best one by far.
    Ancient Magus Bride - kinda lovey and cheesy and depressing at times, but it will lift you up at other times. "Magical" is the best way to describe how it makes you feel
    Fullmetal Alchemist - my first real anime and it holds a special place in my heart. Great story.
    Bleach - first anime I watched from start to finish. Some arcs and bleh, but you've seen Naruto so you know the pain. Fights and powers are INSANE.

    Promised Neverland - kids who are like geniuses and are in a weird world. Kind of a thriller more than action related. And BOY IS IT A THRILLER!!
    Ones that are out now and pretty damn good:
    My Hero Academia - super compelling and just love to watch. Definitely a top-tier mainstream
    Attack on Titan - can be dull sometimes, but it's really gorey and the deaths are nuts! A constant thriller and leaves you with so many questions!!
    Fire Force - kinda cool. Haven't caught up all the way, but it's pretty sweet.
    Food Wars - it's a little weird from time to time, and it's about cooking, but it's considered a shounen anime with action and "fighting" LOTS of humor. It's a great show. Please give it a try. I'm sure you'll like it. I was skeptical about it for about a year, but it's definitely worth a try.
    Black Clover - has it's ups and downs, but it's still a good show.. The main character is annoying, but you'll get used to it. It's a decent show.

    Am I cool and fun to be around? Or am I a new and total nerd? Or both? Also, I enjoy you yelling at me while I'm stream my 1v1s.. "Get the gas, The Gas, ThE GASS!! Alright now PRODUCTION, PRODUCE PRODUCE PRODUCE. CREEEEEEEP SPREAD IT! CREEP SPREAD, INJECT.. WITH ALL YOUR QUEENS NOT JUST ONE!! Okay now move your army over, WHEN I SAID PRODUCE I MEANT OVERLORDS ToO!!"

    It's actually a great time. I love it. Plus it keeps me from slacking and I do significantly better. So if you like yelling at people, I definitely enjoy the company.. lol

    I don't mean to necro this post, but I'm interested in playing some D&D. Never played before but was always interested. If someone could show me the ways I'd definitely join in on the shenanigans.

    Name is SageKing
    I like sun rises and long walks on the beach. I'm 6'5" Capricorn and I'm here for good time.
    I'm a low gold Zerg player, but play many other games. I'm on Steam with the same name there. I'm down to play any game and just looking for a group of people to play with cuz I'm lonely.
    I'll be in Japan soon for my timezone and I'm down to do anything. Just hit me up on Discord SageKing#7957 and I'm more than willing to play anything with anyone.
    Enough with the into, we've got people to do and things to see! GL out there!