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    I have a corsair k70 with red switches. Has lasted me about 4 years so far and it is my first mechanical keyboard. Switching from rubberdome to mechanical was the best decision I have ever made haha. I have heard nothing but great things about ducky, have you tried any other types of switches? If so which is your favorite? The only other switch i have tried are the green ones on a blackwidow and it felt terrible to me because i'm used to the easy to press red switches...sorry TTGOz.

    My hhkb uses topre switches which I really enjoy for typing. I also own a blackwidow with the razor switches, ducky year of the goat with blues and a leopold with silent reds. I probably prefer browns for the tactility and low noise.

    I listen to a bunch of different stuff but focus mostly on EDM. I make a point to go to a music festival each year, went to Ultra last year, Creamfields the year before and Tomorrowland the year before that. I am thinking of going to something thats not EDM related this year.

    When I joined the Legion originally I was an undergrad in college living in Atlanta. Since then, I have finished two more degrees and moved to Boston. Currently live in Back Bay and work in the Financial district. I get to walk/bike to work on nice days. At my day job I manage a data analytics team that focuses on using machine learning to solve business problems. I also participate in many open source data science communities during my spare time.

    As for my social life, I currently live with my girlfriend of 1.5 years, she recently finished her degree, moved in and started her career. We are planning on purchasing a place soon enough, renting in the city is expensive and I want more space. We both are foodies and go out for dinner a few times a week, went to the Tasting Counter in somerville last Friday, check it out if your into multi-course french meals.

    I love traveling, luckily my company has an unlimited vacation policy which I use to the fullest. Since graduating I started to travel all around the country and the world to go to music festivals, try different foods and experience different cultures. Just recently booked a trip China for the fall, had to do it early to ensure my 10 year visa processed correctly.

    If that is the case how well are your current cards holding up? If you aren't satisfied with their performance you should upgrade. If you are on the fence I would just wait for the next gen because the upgrade will be even better and will "future proof" your computer a bit more.

    That's what I have been leaning towards.