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    I'm hearing some concern about my activity, that new members dont know who I am. Is that my fault or yours for not telling the younglings about your fabled voiceless commander? But more seriously I have been working on a startup and also re-deving the website to make more intuitive. Tell the younglings that I'm hibernating.

    New officers and officers in general. The HC requires that all officers join at least one department, and no more than 2. Read about departments HERE, and direct message a member of the HC to join a department. Officers who go an extended period without joining a department may be removed from #Officers

    All members can join a department and get involved in the development of the clan, but if you aren't an officer it's not required.

    These rankings are long overdue and many members skipped ranks as a result. Congrats to all!

    *Any new HC members (if any, based on HC deliberation) will be announced in a different post.

    *HC members contact me if I missed someone

    Iron > Colonel to General - big d promotion of the day

    Ghost > Second LT to Captain

    Eons > website username?

    Peacekeeper aka Highdra > Second LT to Major

    MacDWest > Second LT to Major

    NeekoNeekoNeeko > Recruit to Second LT Welcome to #Officers

    Ligerman > To Second LT > Welcome to #Officers

    Prime > Unranked to Second LT > Welcome to #Officers

    SilentGhost > Unranked to Second LT > Welcome to #Officers

    SpaceMusicMan > Private first class to First LT > Welcome to #Officers

    SeniorButts > First LT to Major

    ScubaSteve > First LT to Major

    DroolCup > Captain to Major

    BillyUdders > Unranked to Second LT > Welcome to #Officers

    Creator > Second LT to Captain > Welcome to #Officers

    BlueTerror > CO4 to First LT > Welcome to #Officers

    SilentGhostt > Second LT To First LT

    DarkBlood > Captain to Major

    Timmy > website username?

    MushyMigushi > Unranked to Second LT > Welcome to #Officers

    DRFDive website username?

    redcloudx > unranked to second LT > Welcome to #Officers

    Pirates > unranked to second LT > Welcome to #Officers

    Legacy > website username?

    Shadow (shadow_hunter?) > Second LT to First LT

    Tinc > unranked to Second LT > Welcome to #Officers

    YumiRice > Captain to Major

    Jeez Testa your font size varients are giving me a headache.

    Smoke It seems a vote-in scenario for steakholders would be counter productive, because then it just ends up being a popularity contest.

    Alternatively if we just split the steakholdership among HC members evenly, then the HC will not want new HC members or equity gets too saturated with lots of HC members.

    After some thought I think I have a solution.

    We informally agree to the following points:

    1) We set a cap to the High Council size. I think 10 is a good number.

    2) We agree that should the clan become profitable, these 10 members will all qualify to receive equity should they opt into being a shareholder on the new LLC.

    3) Should a new LLC be required, the HC will hold a meeting to discuss whether any HC members do not still qualify to be on the HC.

    4) While revenue is low (under $500/m), 100% of ecommerce go to the clan account

    If the revenue is high (over $500/m), 50% of ecommerce goes to clan account, 50% goes to business account

    Hwhat say you in normal font?

    Sorry Testa, but I need to know the business structure before we start selling merch. Like I said in my post I'd rather hash out the subject before money is in play, rather than after.

    Wild hypothetical. Legion grows beyond anyones expectation and is generating 10k per month from ecommerce. Does all that money go into the public clan fund and no HC members stand to benefit? Does some of that money go to an investor? Are bonuses paid out to HC members based on a non profit account? How are those members chosen? If based on activity, what about those who built the clan or put in a lot of time to the clan but are taking a break?

    There are many questions...


    We know that the community model is working as we continue to grow, but we need to plan for the future, especially as we prepare to launch ecommerce and other features.

    Having all funds go directly to a clan fund is a good strategy at this stage of growth, but eventually we need a better structure which will appeal more to future fundraising efforst. For example, if we find an angel investor, they have no current incentive to invest because they receive no equity since all income goes to the community fund. Furthermore we need a way to incentivize high council members so they dont get burnt out , and there is no better way to do this than for those members to receive actually financial incentives as the clan grows.

    There are a few options we can take that I can think of, but we need ideas from HC members. Is there some way we can create a model which rewards HC members without disencentivizing the growth of the high council in number? Please think on this and let me know.

    My initial thoughts...

    Option 1: BUSINESS ACCOUNT with HC stakeholers

    1) ALL Patreon donations go to the publically listed community fund

    2) An LLC is formed and 4 HC members may hold a seat in the LLC. To qualify to hold a seat a $500 donation must be made by the HC member.

    3) A business account is opened, where all ecommerce sales will go. 50% of income to the business account will go to the communtiy fund, the other 50% will go to the 4 stake holders.

    Alternatively we split equity evenly among all HC members, but this will disencentivize us to expand the high council in the future. It's important to me that we keep a transparent clan fund, and that we make sure a % of clan revenue goes there. But its also important to me that we have a structure which stimulates growth and financial incentive in the future.

    OPTION 2: NON-PROFIT registration

    1) Legion registers as a non profit

    2) We have 4 paid positions in the HC (again this is probably a "buy in" scenario), where "bonuses" are paid out evenly from the non profit business account.

    3) Again, all patreon activity remains the same, thats a public balance which is evenly distributed across departments

    If anyone has experience with non profits please let me know if this or another non profit structure is possible.

    Personally, I think it stands to reason that we are buildig something special and that it would be a shame if we can't eventually personally benefit from the growth of the community. I'd rather Legion not be something you all dump your soul into with no positive return.

    As things stand now, I know this doesn't seem like a discussion worth having. But as we grow into the future and eventually get sponsorships or people wanting to make investment offers, we need some sort of structure to lean on. I'd rather get ahead of this issue now while we are small, than to get into some sort of rift or argument when more money is in play.

    So say hypothetically we just made 100k, how do we allocate the money and what structure exists to support things being smooth?

    Please discuss.