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    HC Promotions:

    Smoke: LT General > Co-Commander

    Congratulations to our first co-commander! Smoke has not only been with the clan since before our

    refounding, but he has also done a great job adminning the channels, despite limited voice activity.

    In particular, Smoke's handling of trolls and care in that regard has been appreciated. Most importantly,

    Smoke has a level head and can roll a really good J.

    Testa: General > LT General

    Testa has done a good job at taking a step back a bit for his own sanity but still maintaining good activity and scaling back on his drinking.

    Also, he has shown outreach to high level players and streamers for his Mars Cup, which is what the clan needs if we want to continue to grow.

    Gsbet: Colonel > General

    Gsbet has maintained good voice activity. Furthermore he posses leadership qualities and abilities in

    facilitating and leading meetings. This promotion has been long overdue.

    Other Promotions

    Colin: Unranked > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    Hope: (website username needed) > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    MacDWest: Major > Special mention

    Mustang: CO4 > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    LizardKing: First LT > Captain

    FatNice: CO3 > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    SilentGhost: Major > Special mention

    BattleVirgin: (website username needed) > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    GreenUltralisk: CO4 > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    DarkBlood: Major > Special mention

    Benja: Unranked > CO4

    Kairos: (website username needed) > CO4

    NovaWolf: Unranked > CO4

    Mexi: Unranked > CO4

    Timmy: Second LT > First LT

    Welcome Eons, SpaceMusicMan, and MacDWest to the Advisory Council.

    Check out our MEMBERS MANUAL to read more about Advisory Council and

    other roles/ranks in the clan.

    Testa: Colonel to General

    Iron: Colonel to LT General

    Silent Ghost: First LT to Captain

    Gamerrichy (website username?)

    Jornada: Unranked to CO4

    Eons (website username?). Welcome to Advisory Council.

    GreenUltra aka mrgreen: Unranked to CO4

    SmartAsianGuy: CO4 to Second LT. Welcome to Officers

    Prime: 2nd LT to Captain

    ScubaSteve: Special Mention

    Locke: Special Mention

    SpaceMusicMan: 2nd LT to Captain

    MacDWest : Second LT to Captain. Welcome to Advisory Council.

    LightSider (website username?)

    SrButts: Special Mention

    KCalinders: Special Mention

    Mustang: Unranked to CO4

    DarkBloodL: Special Mention

    Seth (website username?)

    BattleFrod aa Chester: Unranked to CO4

    IVMozoku: Captain to Major

    SilentNight (website username?)

    Cabs: Captain to Major

    Silent Ghost: Captain to Major

    As the community grows we need to determine how best to structure clan leadership.

    There are a few things we know...

    1) HC members are HC members for a reason, they have contributed significantly to the clan in the past and or present.

    2) There is an issue with HC activity, where an HC member might contribute significantly to the clan, but then my go inactive or somewhat retire from activity, which DOES NOT discredit their former contribution to the clan. But this activity gap can alienate members who are active in the moment and feel that the "leaders" should be more active. As the community grows, this will continue to be an issue.


    I propose the following solution:

    1) FOUNDERS role/rank:

    A "Founder" role and rank will be added which Alternity and I will fill, as the founders of the community. We have no decision power outside of the HC vote/leadership mechanisms already built in. The only thing "Founders" designates is that we own the website/discord and founded the clan. Founders may still participate in HC votes and meetings, but do not have activity requirements.

    2) LEGENDS role:

    -A "Legend" is an HC member who has participated in the HC/clan for 12+ months, but is now retired from activity and has no activity requirements.

    -Legends still have access to HC channels, meetings etc

    -A "Legend" may participate in HC meetings, but is not required to do so.

    -A Legend will abstain from participating in HC/AC votes, but may express sentiment in HC meetings in order to help influence HC/AC votes.

    -HC-vote may determine which HC members are inactive and should be moved to "Legends. But in most cases this movement will be voluntary.

    -Legends retain whatever rank they had when in the HC, and may still be promoted/demoted through ranks.

    -Legends may at any time come to the HC with an ask to rejoin the HC. When a legend asks the HC to rejoin the HC, they must agree to meet all HC activity requirements, and if a slot is available they can go ahead and rejoin.

    If a slot is unavailable, they can be added to the wait list until another HC member moves to legends or is demoted.

    3) NEW HC activity requirements...

    The following HC requirements will be instituted once the Legends role is added..

    ---Required Status reports posted to discord monthly

    ---Attend all HC and HC/Officer meetings, two or more meeting misses merit move to Legends

    ---Participate in voice channels at least once per week

    ---Participate in text channels at least twice per week

    4) Commander and co-commander will for now go unfilled, but these ranks may be filled later and will give HC members something to work for. These ranks are mostly symbolic, but the Commander/Co-Commander will be in charge of leading the HC and keeping them on task.

    Hey guys this is the draft i have for ban policy, please suggest

    KICK with warning POLICY

    High Council members may kick any member (officer or below) with a warning. Kickable offenses are overviewed in code of conduct.

    Any member or officer who is kicked may rejoin the discord and have their clan rank restored.

    After one kick, upon repeat offense, a non-officer member may be banned.

    Officers and above require HC vote for a ban.

    If a member feels that they have been kicked without justification, they may submit an appeal to the HC to reverse the warning.


    Though Officers can be kicked with warning, High Council vote is required to ban an Officer or above. Bannable offenses are listed in the code of conduct.

    High Council may ban any officer or below without High Council vote. So long as the member was already kicked with a warning, or their behavior is threatening the integrity of the discord (spam, trolling, bullying, etc).

    If a member wishes to appeal their ban, they may direct message a High Council member with their appeal and the HC will vote to let them back in.

    Thanks for the update Testa this is really great. Yeah I think we can skip the status report requirements for the next 1-3 months given Covid situation.

    But lets still plan an HC meeting. Can you schedule it?