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    HC Promotions:

    Smoke: LT General > Co-Commander

    Congratulations to our first co-commander! Smoke has not only been with the clan since before our

    refounding, but he has also done a great job adminning the channels, despite limited voice activity.

    In particular, Smoke's handling of trolls and care in that regard has been appreciated. Most importantly,

    Smoke has a level head and can roll a really good J.

    Testa: General > LT General

    Testa has done a good job at taking a step back a bit for his own sanity but still maintaining good activity and scaling back on his drinking.

    Also, he has shown outreach to high level players and streamers for his Mars Cup, which is what the clan needs if we want to continue to grow.

    Gsbet: Colonel > General

    Gsbet has maintained good voice activity. Furthermore he posses leadership qualities and abilities in

    facilitating and leading meetings. This promotion has been long overdue.

    Other Promotions

    Colin: Unranked > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    Hope: (website username needed) > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    MacDWest: Major > Special mention

    Mustang: CO4 > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    LizardKing: First LT > Captain

    FatNice: CO3 > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    SilentGhost: Major > Special mention

    BattleVirgin: (website username needed) > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    GreenUltralisk: CO4 > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    DarkBlood: Major > Special mention

    Benja: Unranked > CO4

    Kairos: (website username needed) > CO4

    NovaWolf: Unranked > CO4

    Mexi: Unranked > CO4

    Timmy: Second LT > First LT

    Welcome Eons, SpaceMusicMan, and MacDWest to the Advisory Council.

    Check out our MEMBERS MANUAL to read more about Advisory Council and

    other roles/ranks in the clan.

    Testa: Colonel to General

    Iron: Colonel to LT General

    Silent Ghost: First LT to Captain

    Gamerrichy (website username?)

    Jornada: Unranked to CO4

    Eons (website username?). Welcome to Advisory Council.

    GreenUltra aka mrgreen: Unranked to CO4

    SmartAsianGuy: CO4 to Second LT. Welcome to Officers

    Prime: 2nd LT to Captain

    ScubaSteve: Special Mention

    Locke: Special Mention

    SpaceMusicMan: 2nd LT to Captain

    MacDWest : Second LT to Captain. Welcome to Advisory Council.

    LightSider (website username?)

    SrButts: Special Mention

    KCalinders: Special Mention

    Mustang: Unranked to CO4

    DarkBloodL: Special Mention

    Seth (website username?)

    BattleFrod aa Chester: Unranked to CO4

    IVMozoku: Captain to Major

    SilentNight (website username?)

    Cabs: Captain to Major

    Silent Ghost: Captain to Major

    Advisory COUNCIL (AC)

    The avisory council is reserved for Officers who have demonstrated good activity and leadership in the community.

    THe HC may add or remove members from the Advisory Council based on Officer participation and merit. The Advisory Council will be capped at 11 members. All AC members are ranked Captain-Major, the highest ranks attainable before joining the HC.

    The Advisory Council fills several important roles in the community:

    1) Provide additional voice and guidance to the High Council and an additional layer of leadership to the community.

    Attend HC meetings. Every HC meeting will initially include AC members.

    2) Bridge the gap between Officers and High Council. Make sure all Officers are a part of a department and help HC keep a finger on Officer sentiment.

    3) Encourage Officer initiated projects and help HC determine which Officers warrant promotion/demotion.

    4) AC members may vote on issues and bring those votes to the HC. The HC may at any time turn to the AC and include them on an HC vote, in order to bring better community consensus to a decision or in order to break a vote gridlock.

    5) Administrate the commuity (kick, ban, moderate)

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    I'm hearing some concern about my activity, that new members dont know who I am. Is that my fault or yours for not telling the younglings about your fabled voiceless commander? But more seriously I have been working on a startup and also re-deving the website to make more intuitive. Tell the younglings that I'm hibernating.

    New officers and officers in general. The HC requires that all officers join at least one department, and no more than 2. Read about departments HERE, and direct message a member of the HC to join a department. Officers who go an extended period without joining a department may be removed from #Officers

    All members can join a department and get involved in the development of the clan, but if you aren't an officer it's not required.

    These rankings are long overdue and many members skipped ranks as a result. Congrats to all!

    *Any new HC members (if any, based on HC deliberation) will be announced in a different post.

    *HC members contact me if I missed someone

    Iron > Colonel to General - big d promotion of the day

    Ghost > Second LT to Captain

    Eons > website username?

    Peacekeeper aka Highdra > Second LT to Major

    MacDWest > Second LT to Major

    NeekoNeekoNeeko > Recruit to Second LT Welcome to #Officers

    Ligerman > To Second LT > Welcome to #Officers

    Prime > Unranked to Second LT > Welcome to #Officers

    SilentGhost > Unranked to Second LT > Welcome to #Officers

    SpaceMusicMan > Private first class to First LT > Welcome to #Officers

    SeniorButts > First LT to Major

    ScubaSteve > First LT to Major

    DroolCup > Captain to Major

    BillyUdders > Unranked to Second LT > Welcome to #Officers

    Creator > Second LT to Captain > Welcome to #Officers

    BlueTerror > CO4 to First LT > Welcome to #Officers

    SilentGhostt > Second LT To First LT

    DarkBlood > Captain to Major

    Timmy > website username?

    MushyMigushi > Unranked to Second LT > Welcome to #Officers

    DRFDive website username?

    redcloudx > unranked to second LT > Welcome to #Officers

    Pirates > unranked to second LT > Welcome to #Officers

    Legacy > website username?

    Shadow (shadow_hunter?) > Second LT to First LT

    Tinc > unranked to Second LT > Welcome to #Officers

    YumiRice > Captain to Major