Posts by Rolia

    Who recruited you?: No one, just saw the bnet post

    Ingame name(s): Rolia - Rolia#1430

    Steam username: Rolia1

    Discord username: Rolia - Rolia#8701

    Game(s) you play and experience in them: Too many to list, recently I've just been playing Borderlands 3/Dauntless/Civ 5/PoE/SC2/FFXIV

    Previous gaming groups you have been in: as far as SC2 goes, i was in Validity Gaming a year and a half ago b4 I stopped playing. back in WoL I was in a clan called Xn/Zl, and then in HotS I was in a clan called Infinity Gaming

    Anything else you want to share: I'm a Dia 3 terran atm just looking to find some sc2 people to hang out with and maybe do practice games with, enter tournies, etc. I just game back to the game a couple days ago so trying to relearn the game again