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    You joined the right community to improve your skill and have some fun! Our community have a whole range of players from bronze to GM. Remember to check out our discord voice channels and say hello!

    Welcome my guy! We have a lot of members who enjoy team games. You can always message members through SC2 Clan Chat; however hopping onto the Legion discord Voice Chat is another way to meet other members who enjoy a good 1,2 punch.

    Hmm.... probably personal preference, but I like Zerg and Protoss Combo. Swarm is like the Bruce Lee (quick and overwhelming) and Protoss is Chuck Norris (Powerful and Calculated).

    Bonus: We both "A-Move"

    Circa 1998... 10 years after hosting the world Olympic Games, the small peninsula country of South Korea found another reason to fill its track and field stadiums with as many people, the people of South Korea had once again discovered glory with the release of Starcraft: Broodwar!

    National interest in the RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game quickly piqued into global recognition of an interesting phenomenon, people would pay hard earned Won (South Korean Currency) to watch the best of the best in BroodWar compete on the national stage; these PC gamers were national icons and treated as celebrities! For us older folk, boomers including davetesta , mark this time as "The Good Ole Days". This fundamentally changed how PC games were viewed... who knew electronic games could attract as much, sometimes more, then professional athletic sporting events.

    Although not credited as being the sole contributor of "E-Sports", Starcraft:Broodwar brought gaming to the powerhouse it is today.

    So in homage of arguably the greatest game of all time, lets talk BroodWar.

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    Starcraft 2 - about two years of regular play

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    Team Rooster on Broodwar

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    Working my way from bronze to Diamond! Currently Plat 2. I am from SoCal and love it here.^^