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    Hello, i do not wish to share my real name so just call me Amorigan, i mostly play Starcraft 1 & 2, warcraft 3, league of legends and warframe, i am mostly a chill person that likes to chat, exchange opinions, create fun stories and more.

    I am looking forward to making new friends and making a bro circle that wil
    l be playing with me.:S

    Welcome - usually we try to make a separate Intro thread but I know it can be confusing on the forum.

    Welcome to the community!

    Masterchef, I hope you can help me re-invent the calozone or chili.. if nothing else, I hope we're chopping up the zerg terran and toss together brotha.

    Welcome to Legion... whatever path you are on.

    Congrats everyone! Thank you for all of your various efforts and activities all around.

    I like that you got both of my personalitys haha.. AGREED!