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    Hey guys! Figured I'd start it off because I didnt see much buzz other than Yumrice.

    I'd recommend the following people be promoted - shoutouts to my lovely HC buddies!:

    Sexy, positive, Lifesaver, JonsShadow (aka acheron), HOLDEN - OUR OP PROTOSS, look at Benjadeath, imagine Silentt_Ghostt, Chet Swarmhost god, Greywolf, DirtyGG OG OP, Tylie, Uncensored_Thrack, CuteFoxx, Flapjack, Fatnice, Vulnox, SlipJip, Anders... AND MORE

    AC guys, you also all get some shout outs!

    I'll elaborate more like normal but am pretty shot and shaken up (not to mention hungover).


    Congrats guys!

    Super special kudos, thanks and love to Smoke for all of the hard work he put into this round of promotions due to some changes we had in process.

    Much deserved for all of you!

    Glad you put some thought in this! DarkBlood IMBA REEE!

    Here are some notable members I'd like to mention:

    The first I'd like to highlight based on activity, and time in the clan (the key thing I'm recommending promotions for is activity - as its something we've been in need of for a bit, as historically longevity alone doesn't necessarily help us keep on chugging) I'd like to mention some of the newer folks, and people I feel have been overlooked. If you dont see yourself on here, its because your a jerk. (Not really - I just have a shitty memory ... big oof)

    FIRST: Traitor of the year - Hope.

    Yeti - Yeti has been around for a while, coaching, always chill and positive, and is going to help us get into shape for ATL. He's got a cool head, great attitude, and an all around nice guy to hang out with us. For being the few and the rare non-salty Masters Terran, he should get a double promotion. 8o Any time he can, he's around to help.
    And remember, he left xRTG to join Legion!

    SilentGhostt- For being the Ghostest with the Mostest... honestly I just have a crush on him. He's been pumping money in tournaments for a good time. Heres to you big sexy.

    Darkblood - For being a big NooB Bully. Big Promotion

    Cabs - Fun, positive attitude, trolling... oh and he's wearing socks.

    Lifesavior - Lifesavior is just an all around, positive, extremely active, and he's been here for a bit. Always eager to participate and get the party going, Lifesaver's literally just that.

    NovaWolf - Though promoted instantly, at the least I would like to make mention, Nova literally has done a bunch in the League community for us. Great job bud! Also, his interesting trolls. Poggers

    Flapjack - for his streaming casting a lot of cauldron tournaments and representing us on stream with his surprisingly friendly attitude for a New Yorker...

    Vulnox - for all of his hard work with the Cauldron tournament series.

    Holden - Grandmaster(ish) Protoss - not a Zerg player - trying to lead us to a semi-pro team in ATL for the first time. Great attitude, always willing to help if he can.

    Timmy - Timmy is always on when he can be, always looking to play teams, he's like a better spirited drunk Testa... also from upstate xD

    Benja - Grandmaster Zerg player. Coaching, ATL Semi-pro outreach with holden. Look at Benja. Just look at em'. Also for his BM.

    Anders - Anders has been a great friend, and agreed with DarkBlood on the fact that he's in two ways building a community.

    Shadow - My actual son... nah for real Shadow's grown up quite a bit... He's always a fun counter part to Darkblood's bullying.

    Mr. Green / Green Ultralisk - Wof. Wof. Wof. Mr Green, why, he should be promoted for superior a moves, and good trolling. Nah ma' dudes a fun guy to be around most of the time, but he needs to work on his A Moves. =O

    Fatnice - Being a lurker.

    Billy Udders and MacDWest - Like the Bill and Ted of California Legion. These guys are the best! <3 (Also little known fact, Billy Udders is like the 5th Beatle.) Thanks guys for your support for keeping the discord fun!

    Kalo - Always eager to help when he can, pretty chill mofo.

    Koma - because hes always weirdly creepin.

    We have some new folks who are bringing some great talent lately (and its been some time) in fresh insight.

    Uncensored Thrack - streamers, f'ing hillarious, always hanging in Discord. Volunteer to help with ATL.
    Alexandros - For a barcode random player, this guys pretty damn chill... usually seen in discord making Thrack rage. Look at barcodes. I see this guy in everything a bit. Volunteer to play in ATL.
    Fox - Brand new but she's pretty damn active too.

    Iron - just for honoring us with his sexy self. Also his management of matcherino for many of the tournaments we have going on.

    Straid - ASL? Nah we had Straid sightings recently... hope to see ya around more bud!

    Demotions: DarkBlood- big bully, noob :/ Darigaz, also big noob bully. Drunk Testa.

    Special Mentions: Spacemusic man - for being sexy, Smoke - you da man as always. Gsbet, when hes not raging