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    You should promote benja and holden for how they have been helping and engaging with new people.

    Acheron has also been really active with new members.

    Also I dont think its possible but you should reward fatnice in some way for all the good work he does.


    The only difference I'd say - the only reason I recommend Benja is... Look at Benja.

    Appreciated, but see Smoke! Great choices!

    I forget it exists tbh... :-/ Sadly.

    Nah, I'd use it but there are to many platforms to keep track, and it just isn't an efficient means of communicating with how much we have going on... (I can't even keep up with half of it)..

    I do like it though as a boomer... I just think we've evolved past using it as a means of communication.

    Hey guys! Figured I'd start it off because I didnt see much buzz other than Yumrice.

    I'd recommend the following people be promoted - shoutouts to my lovely HC buddies!:

    Sexy, positive, Lifesaver, JonsShadow (aka acheron), HOLDEN - OUR OP PROTOSS, look at Benjadeath, imagine Silentt_Ghostt, Chet Swarmhost god, Greywolf, DirtyGG OG OP, Tylie, Uncensored_Thrack, CuteFoxx, Flapjack, Fatnice, Vulnox, SlipJip, Anders... AND MORE

    AC guys, you also all get some shout outs!

    I'll elaborate more like normal but am pretty shot and shaken up (not to mention hungover).


    Congrats guys!

    Super special kudos, thanks and love to Smoke for all of the hard work he put into this round of promotions due to some changes we had in process.

    Much deserved for all of you!

    Glad you put some thought in this! DarkBlood IMBA REEE!