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    When it comes to detailing the unequivocal and illustration introduction of myself, I find myself at a lost of words. A tale so froth with entertainment, joy, and astonishment words seem to fail. How to describe myself in mere words on a forum post when my tales of grandeur could fill tomes.

    How to I begin to express the sarcasm that is dripping from this tale?

    Ah yes. Some old time members of TL will instantly recognize me. In fact I had forgotten all about this website since I was invited all the way back in 2019 when I was going through some terrible stuff. Now, during one of the hardest times in our mortal lives of the 2020 pandemic I sit here locked into my house having nothing else better to do.

    Anyway, for those who are reading this and going, who the hell is this guy? What a schmuck! (who uses that insult these days?). I ran into Darigaz and Alternity ions ago back in 2005ish? Under the old website. I quickly rose through the ranks and was apart of the High Council, and was the first Commander aside from Darigaz and Alternity. I retired from the community because life was becoming hectic and crazy for me and being in charge of something with limited time wasn't fair to the clan.

    I'm primarily known for being the head of the forum moderation team and re-writing all of the rules and regulations for the clan at that time.

    I'm here for the fun and to cause a ruckus on the discord. I would love to hear from the old members that still kick around.