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    Welcome to LEGION!!! we have plenty of ppl in multiple leagues here. So coaching won't be too hard to find. i personally love zerg, buy unfortunately my main is protoss

    Kiri, welcome! you excited for halo infinite? looks pretty good. Idk 343 butchered some stories in previous games so I'm hoping for a good story this time. I play games for the story telling mainly

    So I have an idea and i think it'd be great. So an online service that incorporates "gambling" on players during tournaments. a % goes to the service, another % to legion (and other clans involved). I'm thinking like ppl bet like a $1 or maybe $5 to someone winning the tourney. All the income can be considered a "donation" to specific players involved. Just like how patreon for legion most likely isn't in the spotlight for taxes or government/laws in place. I know i've seen similar type of services online but if anyone knows how to create such a service online that'd be great.

    In the meantime a great way to do this quick and simple is to simply have a thread in the forum where everyone tallies up and amount of $ and the player. Then the patreon TO legion could be the way we pay the betting. Once you make the post in the thread about choosing bets, the clan would just have to really crackdown on ppl to actually pay up.


    In short, reply to thread about specific tournaments with a player you're betting on, and an amount of $$$

    if you lose bet, you immediately donate to patreon. If you win, then HC would have to send you the winnings (paypal,venmo,cash app, w/e)

    I think this would DEF increase live stream participation. and PS: possibly involve a % of the winnings to the ACTUAL player that won, just to increase players entering tourney as well. this would be a better way of getting ppl involved (and timely).

    Also, we could make promises to other clans that match up with us in tourneys to pay them a % for involvement and their "betting" viewers. but only if they also choose to have "donation" betting on their side too that would join the "betting" pool for all clans/players/betters involved.

    Also Also: We could implement small "micro-donations" for specific things. ie: "betting $1 that Dave Testa will use a proxy DT. stuff like that. we just need strict rules on "donating" and precise understanding of how much you're betting(donating to patreon) will earn you back if there's not winnings: I "bet" $1 that dave would go proxy DTs. It wins, but no one bet against it so you would donate/patreon nothing.

    a way to fix this is to have a math form that is concise, explaining how the money's %s work out n such: what % to legion, what % to player, etc.

    Alternatively: We could have a highly trustable HC member to hold onto all the money in like paypal or whatever to act as a "escrow" to be more on demand bets and remove the worry that a better who lost actually pays up

    I definitely love the idea, we have/had something similar --adopt a noob tournament-- I believe it was called? From my point of view, the main issues are coordination between availability and structuring it as well as identifying who is lower league and what ranks. I love the idea though!

    (You can also add a badge to the end of your discord nickname by clicking my profile, copying the corresponding badge, and pasting it to the end of your discord nickname) This, hopefully, will make it easier to identify ranks and thus progress the adopt a noob tourney or ideas similar

    (I know there are people that are behind the scenes/timezone differences/etc so I cannot objectively include everyone)
    With my limited perspective on the entirety of Legion I propose these people that I've seen to be helpful:

    (random order)



    Testa - practically the face of Legion (Thought he was the creator when I signed up)




    highdra(VIP i know)



    shadow - (despite recent events)


    really.. I agree with Testa's nominations tbh.. There are so many ppl doing so much that aren't heard of or noticed because they may be "silent"; for those people I wish I could see their projects and what/how they've contributed so I could nominate. Thank you EVERYONE who has pitched in time, effort, hell, even the money for Legion to exist and thrive! happy holidays and hope to see us grow and evolve!:)<3