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    Hello all

    I'm new to the guild and happy to be here. Everyone has been pretty awesome so far! As some of you know I am Tranosaurus Husband. You will probably see me on more then him, but just like him I'm willing to talk to anyone and answer any questions you may have. We are very social people and just love to talk and B.S. about nearly any subject.

    We are currently leveling in WoW with hopes to raid and grind on 5 mans at 60! I myself love to tank and heal and used to raid hardcore back in Burning Crusade and Lich King. I don't currently play retail wow and stopped after MoP. I also play SC2 but mostly stick to campaign grinding and some custom map modes but I will talk build orders and strats for 1v1 any day (however wrong my advice may be, take at your own risk lol). I love SC and watch tournaments and youtube (yay Loko) and was able to catch some of the Legion stream on sat.

    I am also HUGE into Magic The Gathering, both playing (mostly EDH "aka Commander") but also will talk about Standard, Legacy or Modern.