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    (beware my spelling is hidiouse)

    dear people who are reading this,

    if there is one thing you need to know about me it is i love to talk, my motto to life is " communication is key to all relationships" and i am here to not only make new friends, but to get involved in something bigger, a gaming community! i have never been apart of one but i am extremely excited to be here and hope i can help in any way possible. i am an artist, my dream is to someday have my own web comic ( maybe one based after this group!?!?) who knows. but i would defiantly like to help however i can

    something you should know is i am TRANSGENDER, i am a female to male. and i am very new to it so i do not yet sound like a male, so if i am discord i will sound like a very girly, giggler ( i laugh at everything). but i would greatly appricate if you could call me He, Him,His.

    note: if you do call me she, her or a feminine whatever i will not get mad or upset, it dosnt bother me. its yup to you if you try to fix it or not, this is just how i am with people. if you decide its important enough to fix awesome, if not, thats fine to its not your top priority. also IF ANYONE has any questions about it just message me ok, seriously any questions no limits, i rather you have information then never know.

    im pretty chill, i work a night shift, so i play mornings, i am married he also is in the guild, no kids.

    again its nice to meet you all. hope i get to make some amazing friendships.

    also i have never played a PC game and now started wow, but these are all the concesl i own...

    ps4,(2) ps3, ps2,ps1,wii,gamecube,n64,gameboy, GBadvance,ds,(2) 2ds, xbox360. ( fill free to make fun lol)