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    Hi there... So yeah, I used to run all of our source servers back in the old Legion. I still run a few now for some friends. The cheapest option if you want just a single game is to rent a game server for the month, 20 slot CS source server will cost about 10 bucks a month for a quality server. A TF2 sever for example would run you about 20 bucks a month for 20 slots.

    A dedicated server will run you in the $70 a month range, but will allow you to host multiple servers on there. You could easily run 5-6 source based games at the same time on one dedicated server depending on game and slot size and how active they all are at any one time

    So who is your favorite? Are you a Calling the Wild Bloodhound? An Always healing lifeline? A hey I think your stupid so heres a decoy Mirage?

    Myself I love lifeline...I get shot up way too much and being able to throw a heal drone just works out great.

    The biggest thing I see is people not thinking about their playstyle and picking weapons made for that. For example, I charge and play kinda agressive when attacking, I am not going to sit back at range taking pop shots. So my two go two guns are the R-99 for up close and personal and 301 for mid range. That is my go to combo for most things. Sometimes a Spitfire depending on my character, but the goal for me it to limit what I have to look for. Also not calling out what you need then to your teammates. It will save you so much more time if your team can help you look for what you need.

    Another thing, when looting bodies, if you pick up their body armor, even if its the same level as yours, its an instant recharge of the shield.

    Another thing that I find a lot of people do, is split up way too far. If you are 30-40 seconds full speed running from me, I can't help you fight. That might mean you stick around a slower person, instead of just leaving them behind.

    So... Its been a while. I am trying to remember for sure what name I used to use... I am pretty sure I was Fx, also changed to GeekandWife at the end. Former TL server admin, former forum MP, and general tech guy.

    Been playing PC games since Kings Quest on an IBM PC jr. So yeah... I have been around a small bit. Father of two wonderful girls, professional photographer, and while I might not be the best skillwise, always will to do a P90 rush to B.... So to all the old guys, good to see you again, to those who I don't know, good to see you too.