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    Maybe we could do an officer only meeting, then the everyone meeting shortly afterwords? Then make a forum post documenting everything that was discussed? We for sure should be doing officer meetings though to discuss things like promotions, events, recruitment, ect. I think the officer chat channels were a step in the right direction for that though.

    Unfortunately I am unable to compete in this due to being too OP. However, I would encourage everyone who has a competitive side to sign up for this. These types of things will greatly improve your play and will help you with nerves playing in tournaments in the future.

    Welcome, we also have a discord if you haven't joined yet! You can join it from the main dashboard on the right hand side.


    Gintama (comedy anime)

    Saiki (also a comedy anime)

    Code Geass (im not the biggest mecha fan but if you like MC's with big brains its good to watch)

    Hajimi no Ippo

    Monster (super mind fuckey anime....was awesome)

    Violet Evergarden (I'll admit it....I cried)

    Claymore (started off slow but was REALLY good)


    Baki (i dont like the newest one but the older ones were sweet and had sickkkk fighting scenes)

    One Outs (if you like being on the edge of your seat)

    Can vouch for these 3....really good anime (demon slayer is a new series that isn't finished so far but is pretty enjoyable so far). I watched the original overlord twice that is how good it was.

    hunter x hunter

    rising of the shield hero

    black clover

    berserk (the original one)

    death note

    I know a LOT of others that im just too lazy to think of right now. For streaming there is crunchy roll, vrv, kissanime (lots of popups though but its free)

    The original founding was 2001 or 2002, in the clan era where Overdosed and Dark Legion and Silent Knights were also growing. These were all classical clan models with military ranks, and based on starcraft primarily. The original founders were Jubilant(now alternity), Darigaz, and OutKast

    We used OverDoSed clan scripts which was basically an oldschool clan website.

    I used to be in overdosed haha. Those were good times....the reason i'm in this clan and sticking around is because it reminds me of overdosed tbh. Just with lower ranked players...but some day some of you will surpass me ;)