Re-introduction?- Taurinemike (dapr)

  • Hello TL,
    Boy its been a long time. I would guess most of the people I knew no longer exist on here but then again maybe I'll be surprised. I recall a few names- mpower, Dani, bullseye, ChuckSkyline, and White Caste. I was part of a group of guys who play CS Source and at the time we had a really successful Day of Defeat server. I don't recall what rank I was but its cool to see it still around. I used to play with Rusty, Boomer, SilentSniper, Brooklyn were the main individuals on the DOD server. I managed the back end for the TL DOD servers back then probably around circa 2007-2009.

    I go by the primary handle of dapr now but it used to be Taurinemike. Nice to meet you all.