SC2 Tournament for gold-plat MMR & Diamonds that bounce to plat MMR

  • Hello, trying to start a tournament for Starcraft 2 players that have MMR below diamonds. If you can participate in any way please reply! If you would like to play, cast, stream, fund, watch, help logistically, anything at all, please reply! We have 6 players so far and a fund of $15 (courtesy MemeLing, thank you) and I'll be adding $25 into it as well.

    Support the noobs! We want to play tournaments too!

    full disclosure, this is my first time attempting an event like a tournament so any help would be greatly appreciated!


    EDIT: MMR cap is around 3000, we have the matcherino @

    Tournament helpers:

    MemeLing -> helped set up matcherino with me *Added funds $15

    Hope: Co-Caster/Streaming logistics with challonge *Added funds $50

    Vulnox: Co-Caster *Added funds $10

    will edit as we collect members that helped. replies with names is welocomed

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