Is the forum poo poo?

  • I forget it exists tbh... :-/ Sadly.

    Nah, I'd use it but there are to many platforms to keep track, and it just isn't an efficient means of communicating with how much we have going on... (I can't even keep up with half of it)..

    I do like it though as a boomer... I just think we've evolved past using it as a means of communication.

    - DaveTesta

    "You just can't grasp the OP-ness of Highdra!"

  • it's a place where we can look at the history and evolution of our clan. it's permanent. It's not effective for instant communication, but it is a place to have a separate, yet relevant form of communication... Look at reddit. If reddit was just a discord server it'd be nonexistent. The more ppl we have on the forum, the more diverse the type of communication available becomes. Maybe I'm being too naive or some sort of misplaced nostalgia. Who knows... I mean i guess not many ppl actually use the forum.. I browse through it much more than discord because every topic has a "physical" location to browse through, bump, reply, enjoy, etc. Whereas discord it's like freeflow consciousness; either you're there for the convo as it happens or you don't get involved in the convo

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