Elegacy has arrived!

  • Hihi! I decide come to watch and give a feedback support ^^

    I think, I'm not a memoral player/member, and probably a lot of guys don't know me, so lets me present!

    I'm Elegacy captain of Oscillatory Universe in NA server, Protoss player who have a long tournament history:

    OSC: Sentimiento Latino, Battle of Americas, Hyperion Cup, CSO Cup, Cascadia Cup, eXoN Cup, Winner Winner I'll buy your F*cking food, Cock of the Walk, PassionCraft Showdown, PassionCraft Main Event.
    ESL Americas Open Cup.
    Cauldron: Hex, Crucible (won 1), Doppelganger, Guantlet, Melted Cheese.
    CheesyLair: Ravens Cup (won 1), Diamond Contender (won 1), Latin America League, Open Cup.
    Sea Duckling Open.
    Taco Cup Qualy.
    Macac0 Cup.
    VSC2 League (won 1).
    Little Mac Star League.
    Ghostt Diamond (won 1).
    Shellbee Army Cup.
    Oscillatory Universe Internal Tournament, Internal League (won 1).
    Legion Cup Fall & Winter.
    Validity Team League Season 8 & 9.
    Alpha Team League Season 17.
    Koprulu Team League Season 17.
    Decima Team League.
    Wu-Tang Cup.
    Regenerate Open Cup.
    Asgard Cup (won 1).
    Berserker Diamond League, Cup.
    Battle of Arenas Showmatch.
    New Angels Invitational.

    I played with great players like:
    Cham, PiLiPiLi, Ruiyichi, Vindicta, Pacomike, eGGz, TheZergLord, JimRising, SpeCial, Hurricane, Nicoract, Ziomek, SugarNinja, MisterL, Starkiller, Holden and Ryu.

    Atte. Elegacy
    pd Dave. REEEE:D:D

    Elegacy has arrived!

    Edited once, last by Elegacy: I forgot some tournaments ().