Testa's Nomnations for the New Year

  • Here are some notable members I'd like to mention:

    The first I'd like to highlight based on activity, and time in the clan (the key thing I'm recommending promotions for is activity - as its something we've been in need of for a bit, as historically longevity alone doesn't necessarily help us keep on chugging) I'd like to mention some of the newer folks, and people I feel have been overlooked. If you dont see yourself on here, its because your a jerk. (Not really - I just have a shitty memory ... big oof)

    FIRST: Traitor of the year - Hope.

    Yeti - Yeti has been around for a while, coaching, always chill and positive, and is going to help us get into shape for ATL. He's got a cool head, great attitude, and an all around nice guy to hang out with us. For being the few and the rare non-salty Masters Terran, he should get a double promotion. 8o Any time he can, he's around to help.
    And remember, he left xRTG to join Legion!

    SilentGhostt- For being the Ghostest with the Mostest... honestly I just have a crush on him. He's been pumping money in tournaments for a good time. Heres to you big sexy.

    Darkblood - For being a big NooB Bully. Big Promotion

    Cabs - Fun, positive attitude, trolling... oh and he's wearing socks.

    Lifesavior - Lifesavior is just an all around, positive, extremely active, and he's been here for a bit. Always eager to participate and get the party going, Lifesaver's literally just that.

    NovaWolf - Though promoted instantly, at the least I would like to make mention, Nova literally has done a bunch in the League community for us. Great job bud! Also, his interesting trolls. Poggers

    Flapjack - for his streaming casting a lot of cauldron tournaments and representing us on stream with his surprisingly friendly attitude for a New Yorker...

    Vulnox - for all of his hard work with the Cauldron tournament series.

    Holden - Grandmaster(ish) Protoss - not a Zerg player - trying to lead us to a semi-pro team in ATL for the first time. Great attitude, always willing to help if he can.

    Timmy - Timmy is always on when he can be, always looking to play teams, he's like a better spirited drunk Testa... also from upstate xD

    Benja - Grandmaster Zerg player. Coaching, ATL Semi-pro outreach with holden. Look at Benja. Just look at em'. Also for his BM.

    Anders - Anders has been a great friend, and agreed with DarkBlood on the fact that he's in two ways building a community.

    Shadow - My actual son... nah for real Shadow's grown up quite a bit... He's always a fun counter part to Darkblood's bullying.

    Mr. Green / Green Ultralisk - Wof. Wof. Wof. Mr Green, why, he should be promoted for superior a moves, and good trolling. Nah ma' dudes a fun guy to be around most of the time, but he needs to work on his A Moves. =O

    Fatnice - Being a lurker.

    Billy Udders and MacDWest - Like the Bill and Ted of California Legion. These guys are the best! <3 (Also little known fact, Billy Udders is like the 5th Beatle.) Thanks guys for your support for keeping the discord fun!

    Kalo - Always eager to help when he can, pretty chill mofo.

    Koma - because hes always weirdly creepin.

    We have some new folks who are bringing some great talent lately (and its been some time) in fresh insight.

    Uncensored Thrack - streamers, f'ing hillarious, always hanging in Discord. Volunteer to help with ATL.
    Alexandros - For a barcode random player, this guys pretty damn chill... usually seen in discord making Thrack rage. Look at barcodes. I see this guy in everything a bit. Volunteer to play in ATL.
    Fox - Brand new but she's pretty damn active too.

    Iron - just for honoring us with his sexy self. Also his management of matcherino for many of the tournaments we have going on.

    Straid - ASL? Nah we had Straid sightings recently... hope to see ya around more bud!

    Demotions: DarkBlood- big bully, noob :/ Darigaz, also big noob bully. Drunk Testa.

    Special Mentions: Spacemusic man - for being sexy, Smoke - you da man as always. Gsbet, when hes not raging

    - DaveTesta

    "You just can't grasp the OP-ness of Highdra!"

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