Darkblood159 Nomination 12/15/2020

  • members -
    LifeSavior - pretty active. always has a good attitude makes jokes and is cool. tries to speak with others.
    Uncensored_Thrack - active pretty cool.
    Anders_Odgaard - Anders wow this guy is so nice and friendly i dont see why not to have him as an officer or something of the sort. gamingfriends website owner. trying to evolve and grow his own community without poaching ours. very respectable person love his attitude and all around behaviour.

    Enlisted -
    SrButtz - i dont speak to him often but when he is online he is a cool guy shows respect and doesnt cause trouble.
    YumRicexp - Pretty good at starcraft from what i hear, he also was a pretty cool guy every time i spoke to him even though we dont speak often.
    Mis7tic - not as active as he used to be but still a pretty cool person from what i hear.

    Officers -
    Shxdow/Shadow - Attitude has changed and grown very nicely, he has been changing for the better every day. he tries his hardest to be friendly even though he bms in games sometimes (only if he gets bmed first).
    Benja - pretty active from what i have seen. cool person tries to keep everyone involved likes to keep the party going. (sometimes he joins just so he isnt surrounded by the dark depressing void of no sound. sometimes he hears voices and speaks back.)

    Advisory Council -
    Billy Udders- Likes to join makes jokes plays games with other members and overall a fun guy.
    MacDWest- do i even need to say why im recommending this hunk OF A ZERGY BOI?
    NovaWolf - Works really hard to get activity in LOL League of legends and is trying to make a team/clan on it recently the clans on lol got destroyed so hopefully they bring them back soon redesigned.

    High Council -
    ScubaSteve- always helpful like to speak about many topics tries not to hurt others feelings, great person to hang out with, tries to keep conversations from dying, never usually bms, a little salty but worth, and most of all SEXY.
    Iron/MushyMushyMushy - Has started to get more active as of lately been a great person talks to everyone and he has done so much for the clan in the past.
    Locke - IF THIS GUY DOES NOT GET A PROMOTION IM GONNA HAVE SOME BEEF WITH SOME OTHER PEOPLE!!! this guy has been such a help with the website,ect always tries to help and is active in the community almost every day.

    Co Commander -
    Testa - DEMOTE!
    Smoke - PROMOTE!
    ....Darkblood? - PROMOTE BIG TIME OR I BULLY.

  • Glad you put some thought in this! DarkBlood IMBA REEE!

    - DaveTesta

    "You just can't grasp the OP-ness of Highdra!"