This is my thread

  • I definitely did not expect to find a community as nice as this, but i believe this isnt about what i think of the community, which is nice as i said. But i am commonly known as destroya or des for short and my closest friends call me Harold even though it isn't my name i have played sc2 for about 4 years but never really got competitive untill id say 2019, because i had a sort of pirated version of heart of the swarm back from Cuba which is where I'm from. I find it funny how i found this place since i didn't even know this place existed until i just hopped into a stream from davetestal and well, its how i found this place, my discord username is Destroya#6319 (subject to change with how often i change my pfp and my username) i do have a steam account which is Destroya1000 (notice the pattern) and my in game username is usually joser but for those who have me friended is cooleda. I usually find myself playing either sc2, league of legends, minecraft from time to time, and a lot of warframe as of recent because of an upcoming update. I will definitely enjoy my time in the community and i will meet you all there.