Testa's nominations for Promotion 8/2020 (More added soon)

  • As always, I try to stay on top of knowing the community, but it's getting hard as we have people the contribute even outside of our direct team now haha.

    At this point I'm just getting names down, and I'll be adding details, and reasons and highlighting and describing why I think, feel and know these people deserve promotions. Some I am doing now as I simply have made up my mind already. Firstly, thanks to Darigaz for the work he's done with Shopify and work he's done with Locke on the site, and his ability to be more and more flexible with the family. We love you Dari.

    SMOKE - Smoke OP, plz nerf. (Just kidding) Smoke has been relentlessly working on things despite the flack he gets, and helping advance us.

    Locke - Self explanatory - our website is coming together in amazing ways... Just look at GitHub.

    Iron - Matcherino, WuTang (finding us Vulnox and such), being the clan shark of money for free

    Gsbet - The rage has been coming back, but worth mentioning because he's always trying to get D+D rolling, help out where he can, and he's been laddering and winning like a mad man. Oh buddy! If I can cut down on my drinking, I think you can cut down on the rage bro ;-) All in all, for the ladder its an even trade haha. (Figured I'd sneak a zinger in there)

    **SilentGhostt- Ghostt is just Ghostt... he's pretty trolly to the max, seems like a jerk at times if you don't know him (because he's from Ohio, ok... look at Straid for example XD) Ghostt's weekly tournaments, his benevolence and outreach to Masters players and the likes has been great. Simply on recruiting alone he's been amazing, but this guy has been forking money out every week for a tournament, bringing people into our community. Here's to you babe... hope he gets a big dick promo, as long as he doesnt abuse his powers.

    **Holden - The Protoss Sensei working toward Lightsider, maybe even Highdra, our Team League representative, great coach, positive attitude, etc. ATL Captain, hopefully leading us to Semi Pro next season. He's fun to co-cast, and streams. Pick his brain, have some fun, Holden is the best. He's dealt with some of the toughest jobs.

    **Vulnox - Leading tournaments, merging in from the Cauldron which he runs with all sorts of recruitment and managing of brackets, spamming etc. Thanks for all of the help. (I'm tired and moving shit around)... long story long, he does a lot

    **KingShivii - Streaming, Casting, Promoting, Donating, Recruiting... amazing.

    **Novawolf - Nova is pretty IMBA, hes been working in his League Community to start the Legion League of Legends clan. He's pushing us out in ways that are not always seen. Longevity.

    **Axxelarate - Great guy representing Legion on the EU and always supportive of our events, and participating in as much as he can. From playing, to donating, to co-casting, to streaming. Longevity.

    **Benjadeath - Zerg IMBA, Benja amazing coach...Btw, GM boys! Benja's direct help is amazing, he's also a great co-caster - great guy. ALSO he's stepping it up as an ATL Captain / Legion Admin as well next season. HYPE! He's help for Holden and I

    **LEMONELLI - REEEE! Lemonelli has been playing in VTL and ATL representing plat, but approaching diamond and has stepped up with Shadow to run VTL!

    **BillyUdders - For being the amazing British stud he is... and involvement in all sorts of keeping things fun, and longeivity. God save the Queen's ankles.

    ** MachoMantis - Always sharking up fun for the community in SC2, pretty much always accessible (now that he has member status.

    *Darkblood - Help for everything he helps with, at the last minute or otherwise.

    *SpaceMusicMan and Scuba- For their support despite schedules.

    *Prime - For his start and work to get LegionCup into what it is as it progress into Summer 2020 - he seems BM, but it's just how his dumb ass writes or stuff comes across... honestly he has a huge love of the community. Though he should play the pirates campaign in Gsbet's D+D, he's a hell of a mutineer. Longevity. Coaching. Being Smoke Jr. for Mod.

    **Shadow / Ghxst - For getting to Diamond... even though he's a filthy Terran. He's still helpful, once someone left he's been back to business as usual. His help is appreciated in many things. Also, he's like my son, just more Terran. Stepping up for a VTL captain next season.

    *Sammo - SideKick Sammo is the man... he promotes Legion and me (Legion haha...) on the regular and really helps get us viewership. followers, and whatever for streams on the reg, which is going to help all of our streaming and bringing in a lot of recruitment. Though brand new to you, he is literally Dankcraft DANKCRAFT from Florencio's DANKCRFT clan. SammoCRAFT OP!!!! Don't scare this guy away, he's amazing. Hoping one day we can hire him for some dev work, I may hook him up.

    * Colin- For starting to get slightly less BM to people directly... and being like yet another son.


    *Fatnice - Activity, practice, attitude, assistance, and longevity.

    *Jornada - Team League involvement, always ready to help despite his busy schedule.
    *SkullRekston - he's amazing.

    *KiwiTaco - High level Masters Cannon Rusher... ;-) CHEESE!

    *Chet - New... but come on, the RainX of Zerg but more unique... 1... base... Swarm Host Masters.


    I AM TIRED - There is a whole slew of all of you...

    Thank you for flying Legion airlines!

    - DaveTesta

    "You just can't grasp the OP-ness of Highdra!"

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