OmniSkeptic (Probe's) Intro

  • Who recruited you?:

    Myself. It's a bit like the grandfather paradox. I went back in time and made very specific adjustments to my past self's neurochemistry by using hypnotic training while past me was sleeping. All of this was done with the intent of making me google "Starcraft 2 clans", and I guess future me succeeded because here I am.

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    OmniSkeptic (Probe)

    Game(s) you play and experience in them:
    Starcraft 2
    Company of Heroes 2
    Civilization 6
    Natural Selection 2

    Previous gaming groups you have been in:

    108th Shock Division. (We were sexy, tactical, and effective).

    Anything else you want to share:
    Currently enrolled in university studying philosophy and computer science. In my free time I enjoy encouraging epistemic rigor and responsibility as a corollary of my anti-theistic (particularly anti-theocratic) attitudes. David Hume is my hero. Terran is my race. I'm Masters 2 when I'm playing consistently, so hit me up sometime for practice or to cast some games ^_^