Greetings from NoeJuanKenobi

  • Hi Everyone, thanks for having me.

    I was recruited by /u/MacDwest on Reddit and my in game name is Noe. My discord name is NoeJuankKenobi#5213

    I'm currently playing 3 games. SC2, MTG Arena, WoW - Horde (Kil'Jaeden), and Final Fantasy Record Keeper on Android.

    I've played Starcraft when it originally came out in the late 90's and fell in love with the story and gameplay. Needless to say when SC2 was announced there was a sense of euphoria about finally being able to finish the story of Sarah Kerrigan. She's one of my favorite heroines/anti-hero and to this day is the main reason I play zerg and why I'm so passionate about SC2. I'm currently D3 but I'm hoping to fit more time to play to climb the ladder or at least get better at my micro/macro.

    Since this is an SC2 forum, I won't go into much detail on the other games save to say, I really enjoy them all. If you want details, just ask me on discord!

    The only gaming group I have experience with is our guild on Wow. I raid lead 3 nights a week thru heroic raid content. Otherwise, I just play the other 3 title solo (not a preference, i'm a huge fan of community play).

    I work full time so I have a couple hours a day max for gaming, about 4hrs on sat/sun. Given that I really enjoy the 4 games listed above, I too often have to pick one/two games to play on the weekends, currently SC2 and MTGA are this weekends pick. I look forward to playing with you guys and sharing tips/strats so we can all hopefully improve on our SC2 play.