Art on my novel project

  • Hey there, Legion. I just wanted to post my artwork on a novel project I am writing. It has been in the works for about a year or two. I didn't do this art, my graphic designer did...I own the rights to it too.:) All comments are welcome, just don't hate on it too much!! Please, let me know what you all think. (This isn't part of the cover). And I will eventually develop a world map for this awesome Science Fantasy novel.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Art on my novel project: Dimensional Seafarer” to “Art on my novel project”.
  • So all I will say about this novel project is: It's pretty much Atlantis meets Dune. I'll let your imagination run wild after that. Sorry won't say a whole lot about it right now....I am not sure if I am allowed to on LandofLegion as far as promoting it...Thanks so much for your interest and support. I will leave you in suspense until it's ready. Although, I am always up for talking about the novel....I wasn't sure what you wanted to know. Like premise or a quick rundown of a blurb?

  • I guess I was wondering about the main plot or premise. I wouldn't want to spoil it though. Just what the novel is mainly about. Not too much detail so Atlantis meets Dune is good enough for me lol. I completely understand not wanting to give away too much or anything.

  • Right, I do understand being held in suspense. I am going to try to have it out by maybe spring of next year...or towards the end of this year. I just got to stay motivated and keep writing on it. :) At any rate, I think it's unique as a novel project. And not just saying that because I am the creator/dreamer...and you never know what could come of it. I have the right connections through Facebook that I could develop it beyond a novel series...maybe a script for a movie. But the novel comes first. Since people have gotten to know me, stuff like popularity is the last thing on my mind though. ;) I am going to startup my own author website soon and blog and that would be great for promotion.