New promotions 6/3/2020

  • HC Promotions:

    Smoke: LT General > Co-Commander

    Congratulations to our first co-commander! Smoke has not only been with the clan since before our

    refounding, but he has also done a great job adminning the channels, despite limited voice activity.

    In particular, Smoke's handling of trolls and care in that regard has been appreciated. Most importantly,

    Smoke has a level head and can roll a really good J.

    Testa: General > LT General

    Testa has done a good job at taking a step back a bit for his own sanity but still maintaining good activity and scaling back on his drinking.

    Also, he has shown outreach to high level players and streamers for his Mars Cup, which is what the clan needs if we want to continue to grow.

    Gsbet: Colonel > General

    Gsbet has maintained good voice activity. Furthermore he posses leadership qualities and abilities in

    facilitating and leading meetings. This promotion has been long overdue.

    Other Promotions

    Colin: Unranked > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    Hope: (website username needed) > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    MacDWest: Major > Special mention

    Mustang: CO4 > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    LizardKing: First LT > Captain

    FatNice: CO3 > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    SilentGhost: Major > Special mention

    BattleVirgin: (website username needed) > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    GreenUltralisk: CO4 > Second LT > Welcome to Officers

    DarkBlood: Major > Special mention

    Benja: Unranked > CO4

    Kairos: (website username needed) > CO4

    NovaWolf: Unranked > CO4

    Mexi: Unranked > CO4

    Timmy: Second LT > First LT

  • Wow. Thank you, Darigaz , for the promotion. I will do my best to fill the position of Co-Commander and make you proud :-D

    Big congrats to my fellow HC members Testa and Gsbet as those promotions are well deserved.

    Also, another congrats to everyone that moved into Officers (welcome to the Officer's club) and to everyone that got a promotion in rank! You are all deserving of the promotions and know you all will continue to help us grow as a clan and a community.