Hello! Just a guy looking for an active SC community

  • Who recruited you?: Cabs

    Ingame name(s): ignat, ignat980, ignatttt

    Steam username: ignat98012

    Discord username:ignat#3907

    Games & experience: Minecraft (since indev, before alpha), Hearthstone (since Naxx), most roguelikes, then RTS like Civ 5 & Starcraft

    Previous gaming groups you have been in: A bunch of Minecraft groups, it's been too long so I don't remember them really.

    Anything else you want to share: I haven't played Starcraft in 5 years, reached Platinum but then stopped playing for whatever reason. YouTube recently recommended me some Harstem videos which were very entertaining, and I got the itch to play again. So I hope to reach Plat again and go beyond, and to have some similar minded folks to talk strategy with :)