Counter Strike Source De_Dust2 map

  • How's it going guys? Me and Darigaz were trying to get an active server online for Counter Strike Source De_Dust2 and it just kind of died off for the conversation. Then the whole Corona Virus thing hit and that really changed a lot of our lives. I'm still online actively and really miss playing this game with real players and not bots. Seems the popularity has died off. Have not had a chance to play much of GO, but from what I remember it's not quite the same. What would it take to get a server going? Are there any servers you guys recommend that are good NO AWP/AUTO. Cheers.

  • Hey man,

    Yeah, I am not sure how active Source is anymore since CS:GO came out. So you might want to think of going the CS:GO route, but I miss source myself. Played many hours of it back in the day.

    To get a server going we would have two choices from what I remember when I ran a gaming server:

    1) You go to a third party site that sells the specific gaming server that you need and you set it up with how many Slots you want it to have (slots are the amount of players). This will determine your monthly or annual payments.


    2) We can buy or rent a Dedicated Server and configure it the way we want and install the CS game we wish to play. We would run the server ourselves basically and with a Dedicated you might be able to run more than just one game without paying more than you already are because you own the server technically. I did this options many years ago and I was able to run a Counter Strike Server as well as a Minecraft server at the same time.

    I am not sure what is offered now-a-days through third parties for gaming servers or the dedicated as I have not been shopping around. But either way you go, you would have complete ability to setup the server the way you would like allowing and not allowing certain things. Like you would set it to be a NO AWP/AUTO type server.

    I think this would be a great idea to have a server, and I know we have a few people that used to play the game and have wanted too. We just never got anything going. Having our own server will help in recruitment not just for CS players section but the Legion as a whole. It would start a new division which is something I have wanted for the Legion for a while.

    I can help set it up and manage it if we do something.

  • DE_Dust and DE_DUST 2 were my favorite maps.

    I am not sure what server to recommend. Again, I have not been shopping for one myself. You need to find a provider with good reviews and uptimes. Then you select from their services the server you would like and how many slots.

    I would start with 12 slots or higher. They have to be even numbers.

  • Hi there... So yeah, I used to run all of our source servers back in the old Legion. I still run a few now for some friends. The cheapest option if you want just a single game is to rent a game server for the month, 20 slot CS source server will cost about 10 bucks a month for a quality server. A TF2 sever for example would run you about 20 bucks a month for 20 slots.

    A dedicated server will run you in the $70 a month range, but will allow you to host multiple servers on there. You could easily run 5-6 source based games at the same time on one dedicated server depending on game and slot size and how active they all are at any one time