WarJack's Infiltra-... Intro

  • Who recruited you?: Dave Testa

    Ingame name(s): WarJack/Gunslinger

    Steam username: WarJack (320810475)

    Discord username:WarJack

    Game(s) you play and experience in them: Battlefield 3&4 (Extensive), Escape From Tarkov (Extensive), Hunt Showdown (Moderate), Squad (Moderate), EVE Online (Moderate), Total Annihilation (Extensive), Age of Empires (Moderate), StarCraft I&II (Minimal),

    Previous gaming groups you have been in: Death & Company (EFT/Hunt), BOSS Clan (BF3&4), Pandemic Horde (EVE), and many others.

    Anything else you want to share: I enjoy all things firearms, cigars, motorcycles, trucks, strategy and bjj/muay thai