EDITED(2): Testa's Recommendations for Promotion February 2020

  • Recommendations for promotions

    * = Recommendation for higher promotions

    * IRON - Big Dick Promotion - he has been active and helping maintain the clan with many things and has been overlooked IMO.

    * GHOST-** Big Dick Promo - the original GHOST has been observing and more active as time has passed, due to longevity his wisdom and helpfulness and always trying to get things going, GHOST has been singlehandedly the most overlooked member in this clan since is re-inception. He is OP. Been with us all this time, and even I missed on anything... your cloak so OP

    * Eons * - Big Dick Promo Eons is an asset to this community. His always positive attitude, coaching, helpfulness to helping new members (and current), extreme generosity and fun overall attitude makes Eons my number one recommendation for a promotion. Additionally, his extreme generosity extends into the Patreon. Love you bro, you da' best! He is as active as he is kind, fun, and generous. He always tends to be a natural leader.

    KWAS -OP - Forrmer GM, coaching , assistance with playing, eager to reform pro-league, former old legion.

    PeaceKeeper aka Highdra - Highdra has be

    MacDWest * - Big Dick Promo - MacDWest's kindness, mild mannered cool attitude, generous Patreon, a great representative of the fun of the clan, and longevity- MacDWest is another asset to the clan. MacDWest is always active and looking to get teams, and focus on things .. always a good head on his shoulders. He is always a pleasure for everyone to be around.

    NeekoNeekoNeeko * - Neeko is a great kid whose been with us for a good time now. He is always willing to help new players, and new members. Great trolling, and fun. Neeko has been with us enough.

    Ligerman *- Coaching, activity, fun, trolling - Ligerman has helped us get some of our Zerg players up to snuff... always looking for fun. A bit to stoned to frequently, but he's aight.

    Kwas * - Pro playing, clan activity, coaching, willingness to help us get a Pro team together for High Masters GM in SC2.

    Prime * - Coaching, activity, fun, great manner, tournament activity, community activity.

    SilentGhostt - Coaching (he got me to Plat Zerg XD), Activity, good attitude. MASTERS PLAYER FOR ATL

    SpaceMusicMan * - Activity, plans for casting, contributions and tournaments, good manner, group involvement

    SeniorButts SrButts KSlay - good attitude, activity in peeps, coaching

    ScubaSteve - Activity, coaching, ATL activity, Fun, Group commitment.

    DroolCup- for returning, activity, coaching.

    BillyUdders - Activity, fun

    Creator - Activity, Tournament involvement, good attitude, Darigaz trolling

    BlueTerror - Activity, Fun

    SilentGhostt - Activity, training, Masters

    DarkBlood - Activity, trolling helpfulness

    Timmy - TIMMY! Fun, activity, good manner, trolling

    MushyMigushi- Activity, Clan Shifting, Fun

    DRFDive - commentating, ATL Tournament participation

    KCal - Tournament Contributions, activity, trolling

    Pirates - Activity, fun

    Legacy- Activity

    Shadow- Returning

    - DaveTesta

    "You just can't grasp the OP-ness of Highdra!"

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