Introduction Of me

  • When you post your intro make sure to mention who recruited you. Don't know what to post for your intro? Follow this template (not required):


    Who recruited you?: google?

    Ingame name(s): Prime

    Steam username: N/a

    Discord username: Prime

    Game(s) you play and experience in them: Sc2

    Previous gaming groups you have been in: Risen

    Anything else you want to share: Just trying to improve... been away from the game for 2 yrs.. Trying to pick it back up and grind


  • Thank you, and welcome to Legion!

    Your quick navigation through our site was great, and you had some great games and have great spirit!

    You survived all the cheese... we welcome you with open arms my brother!

    I already know you'll be in the mold... thanks for signing up from my long winded banter, friend!

    - DaveTesta

    "You just can't grasp the OP-ness of Highdra!"