Coach vs Coach

  • I feel like we should definitely have a game mode where we have 2 lower league players play each other with a coach on each side. The coaches will tell the lower level dude what to make and how to do it. I feel like that game would be interesting.

  • I definitely love the idea, we have/had something similar --adopt a noob tournament-- I believe it was called? From my point of view, the main issues are coordination between availability and structuring it as well as identifying who is lower league and what ranks. I love the idea though!

    (You can also add a badge to the end of your discord nickname by clicking my profile, copying the corresponding badge, and pasting it to the end of your discord nickname) This, hopefully, will make it easier to identify ranks and thus progress the adopt a noob tourney or ideas similar

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  • I I made a thread for a tournament that pretty much was exactly that! Sadly we did not have enough lower level people willing to participate in the tournament at the time. the thread is still up I believe, if you go to adopt a noob tournament you can reply so we know you are interested, me and kcal were going to organize it. Also, I'll put the link to the thread on starcraft again so people can see it

  • it would be even more funny if we put the coach and player on the same voice chat, so they HAVE to use code words for certain builds and actions.

    Go Commie into 2 Trailer Park Boys follow up with Ligerman Special then switch into Spirit Bomb! what ? NAAANIIII????