RE-DO- Testa's Recommendations December 2019

  • Testa's Recommendation for Promotions + Kudos

    December 2019

    The LARGEST FACTORS I am setting a metric to on my recommendations are: contributions, activity, recruitment, casting, involvement, attitude, coaching, friendliness, etc. etc.

    As I've made mistakes in the past, personally I am including longevity in the clan as part of my decision as we've promoted people several steps in error, and that was on my call. The forum is glitched and this is stuck in bold. Promotions, are also not necessarily an instant jump to officers etc... its merely ranking, which does have some merit, as we would like to tank you. Actual promotions occur in HC Voting and Discussion...

    THERE IS NO ORDER TO THIS (Except Smoke:-p)

    IF YOU DID NOT MAKE THIS LIST, PLEASE DO NOT BE OFFENDED... It is merely my recommendations, and perhaps you are just to new, mate(s)!

    EDIT - *** APPLE FOR BEING OP (and Longevity) + Madcha aka Rankork longevity, activity

    * Kudos to Straid for paid spamming... its great, but lets get the staffing this month. #Darigaz Darigaz .... REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    SMOKE - OP, the best.

    DARKBLOOD - for continued excellence, and trolling of Darigaz. *

    Kalo is essentially HC worthy, though absent from his move for a bit, he is a fundamental member to this community. SC2 Coaching, Tournament activity, D+D, etc. Since he's been back. DMing. Level headed (mostly :-p) He does so much when hes on to keep the stability of this clan and in its pulse its ridiculous... just now, with his resurgence the clan has

    GHOST - Ghost is great... he can disappear for long periods of time and everyone is like "que?" then bam! he's back! better than ever... GHOST has stayed in even when he appeared to disappear he just had his Nuke ready to drop as a Zerg. He is very helpful as a coach to anyone, a great spar partner though he and I tend to be sparce (poof) he even pointed out the worst loss I had (I've had worse... sadly) in Youtube ( When know one new.. and the first to notice Highdra's match.

    Creator - Coaching, activity

    Elidah O'Maoilriain - Dungeons and Dragons involvement, his work in Dark Souls, overall friendliness and helpfulness despite the length period of wait with new D+D. Longevity.

    Eons - Very positive attitude, coaching, eagerness for the clan, recruitment (and attempts) for quality members from his old clan, willingness to help.

    SenorButts- Butts is active in the Development department, always helpful to other players, coaching, chill, mild mannered. website design drafting, etc.

    Droolcup - Droolcup has great ideas, involvement, playing (though she's taken a break a smidgen on that end do to work, planning, Design work

    Mistic- Longevity, eagerness, activity, department involvement, suggestions, friendliness, and assistance... Recruitment.

    - Madcha has been with us for a long time and had the time to come back from his studies. This young man is active, and keeps us "boomers" going. Oof.

    ScubaSteve - Tournament Activity, involvement in the SC2 community. Coaching, practicing.

    Locke - Lack's assistance in the website update project, and development department.

    PickleRick- Recommend re-in-statement to officers due to his temporary absence.

    SHAR aka Xamaru - Longevity, level headed, kindness and a great friend to all who know him. He is coming back which is noteworthy, as he has also been missed in the D+D community as well as his SC2.

    Scorber - Tournament activity, coaching, eagerness to play with folks his OP abilities...

    KCal - ATL tournament captain, tournament player, whining about Zerg last season (and leading it... seriously... zerg... ick lol)- Events Department

    YumRiceXP - You da man!

    TyrantT - Tournament Activity, Eagerness, Coaching (when asked) of the Terran.

    Ligerman - Despite his day availability, Ligerman has offered to help on casting, and those interested. He has been working with members in coaching, etc. as he returns back to StarCraft... Fun, activity.

    Highdra - Coaching, assistance in things he does not want to boast about.

    SFRainX Stoned Cat - Efforts in coming back in and participating, trolling, etc. Activity, fun factor.

    Slayer - Slayer's behavior improvement, attempt to get more involved, etc. and time in here, is worth mentioning. He's a good guy.

    DRFDive - Tournament Casting, and ATL playing.

    BaKi- because he's an a@#hole... though a fun guy... sticking around... Tournament Winner.

    Straid - Earned his promotions for finally doing things again :-p

    GSbet - See above lol... plus creaking it.

    Tinc- Level headedness, coaching, always up for advice and teams.

    SmartAsianGuy - well... he tries... :-( Turn that frown, upside down brotha... helps when hes not bming.

    Iron - For quitting his job like a boss.

    Deathstar - Activity, new recruit

    Shadow - If he gets his ass back...

    Deathstar - Activity. (Shinobi??)

    ... more... will edit.


    - DaveTesta

    "You just can't grasp the OP-ness of Highdra!"

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  • -straid the recruitment, Testa the face of legion, droolcup the dev-all, Smoke = OP
    haven't been involved with the tourneys or keeping up consistently but i know those guys too.

    haven't been involved enough to really see what everyone's been contributing so take my nomination(s) with less weight.

    EDIT: I agree with Testa's list

    This is an automated response from Darigaz : DONATE OR BAN!

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  • Edited... Yet again... Our other HC and Officers are amazing... My mind is getting old... :-)

    Actually left a few of you out that I originally intended, but this was a stream of consciousness due to the amount of people we have now.... and the fact that it is my post.

    - DaveTesta

    "You just can't grasp the OP-ness of Highdra!"

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