Darigaz Intro

  • Hello all,

    My username is Darigaz. I work in web consulting and founded The Legion a long long long long time ago. Now I am spearheading recruitment to bring it back.

    I also managed several pro teams for various periods of time. Including Team Legion, Team 8, and Immortals. Always happy to chat about that experience.

    Games of choice are sc2, wc3r, and playing around with a few others at the moment including Apex Legends. Glad to be here : )

  • Darigaz

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  • Thanks for inviting me back to this start up! Personally, I have been wanting to get back into a group like TL so this is awesome. Especially, with Esports blowing up the way they are and everything its a pretty exciting time for Gamers.

    Need any help just let me know!